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6 new body trends for your October

From winter runs in London to the best new aloe juices, Healthista’s Bodyologist blogger Helen Foster brings us the latest body trends for October. 

1. Cereal of Yumminess Alert

lizis low sugar granola
Lizi’s Low Sugar Granola

You can always tell when I’m training for a half marathon; there’s granola in the house, normally its clusters of carby-goodness are not allowed over the threshold. Right now though, my training fuel of choice is Lizi’s new Low Sugar Granola. Containing less than four per cent of the sweet stuff, it’s really really tasty – and seems to sustain a 10 mile training run brilliantly. The best thing though is, because it’s flaked oats and seeds rather than big sugary lumps it doesn’t call ‘snack on a handful’ from the cupboard every time I walk past. Find it now at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Asda, £3.89.

2. Let it Snow, Let it Snow

winter run route
The route for this year’s London Winter Run

We’ve had races with coloured powder, races with mud and the season of events using neon is starting, so what’s next with themed running? Well, snow it seems. The Cancer Research UK London Winter Run is a 10km which promises an igloo shaped bag drop, hugs from ‘Polar Bears’ at the end and Snow Zones and an Ice Cave en route. They’re being secretive about what that involves, but it sounds fun to me. It takes place Feb 1st. Enter now at Winter Run Series.

3. Genetic Gyms; They’re Here

20140917 Healthcity DNAFit-030
A DNAFit class is based around your genes and what forms of exercise are best for you

We’ve talked about fitness DNA tests that determine which exercise is right for you here on Healthista before, but now, the first gym chain using them to determine all the client’s programmes has arrived. The upmarket HealthCity chain in France and The Netherlands is offering their clients a DNAFit test to determine whether they should hit the treadmill or the weights. Which should halve the queues on each we guess!

4. Aloe, aloe, aloe

simplee aloe juice
Simplee Aloe juice

I spent a happy afternoon the other week nibbling my way round the Lunch! show which highlights all upcoming snack food trends. One big one is that aloe drinks are heading out of the health store. I tried three new blends, all of them using mixers like grape juice or coconut water to dilute the bitterness some pure aloe drinks have. Admittedly, this means they won’t be therapeutic, but they taste good! Vita-Aloe’s USP is that it’s bottled within an hour of extraction, Simplee Aloe is for you if you don’t like the jelly bits, but my fave was Taste Nirvana’s Coconut Water with Aloe. Look for all of them in stores now.




5. Get your Walking Prescription Here

feet walking in office hall

Scientists have been telling us for a while now that sitting is bad for us, but they couldn’t quite say how to counteract that. Well, new trials may help. According to experts at the US’s Indiana University, a five minute walk every hour counteracted the arterial changes that occur from prolonged sitting. Admittedly that’s only part of the picture, but at least now we have a starting point; we need to take off round the office once an hour for five minutes.

6. Bulgarian Bags are Big

cobra fit bulgarian bags
Cobra Fit with Bulgarian Bags

Have you hefted a Bulgarian Bag yet? If not expect to soon – they’re having a moment. Not only has Virgin Active introduced them to their gym floors as one of their recent Fitness Five innovations, new group class CobraFit bases its High Intensity Interval Resistance Training (HIIRT) around them and sees you swinging, lifting or pushing them around to burn fat and build muscle. I’m also predicting HIIRT is generally going to be big next year adding to the more cardio based interval programmes. Watch this space on that one.

Healthista Ed. Anna Magee tried out the Bulgarian Bag herself. Watch the video to see her feel the burn of the bag


helen full lengthHealthista’s Bodyologist Helen Foster blogs daily on all things health, fitness and diet related. Follow her @healthehelen.

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