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Birch Water: The chic new soft drink

TAPPED Birch water

Birch water is literally tree sap and contains more manganese than a portion of kale. We tried new TAPPED which claims an impressive CV of health benefits

Straight from the forests of Finland comes the summer’s hottest new soft drink trend… Birch Water. But this refreshing delicately flavoured water is actually not water, its tree sap, and the health benefits are apparently, endless. Coming in three flavours the new range from TAPPED is organic, all natural, has no artificial sweeteners, and all come in at under 40 calories.

TAPPED is organic, all natural, has no artificial sweeteners

Long considered nature’s detox in Finland, Birch water is full of antioxidants and gives you up to 25 percent of you daily manganese needs, more than a portion of Kale. Manganese is great for skin, bones and also keeps blood sugar levels under control. Full of vitamins and minerals TAPPED is great pre-workout too.

tapped birch water

TAPPED Birch Water comes in Bilberry and Lingonberry, Apple and Root Ginger, and ‘Straight from the Tree’. The taste is very very subtle, so don’t expect Volvic flavoured water, but the barely there-ness is actually surprisingly nice and refreshing. With such an exotic flavour name like Bilberry and Lingonberry I was expecting more of a flavour, with the lovely fruity smell being better than the taste. However my faith was restored with Apple and Root Ginger which is definitely stronger, and I have to say my favourite.

considered nature’s detox

I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and TAPPED have really hit the mark with gorgeous little cardboard cans in the style of tree bark. The whole thing screams chic-ness.

TAPPED Birch Water is available from Whole Foods Market, Selfridges food Hall and from the TAPPED website.

Price £2.49 for a 250ml can.


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