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8 best-tasting green teas for people who don’t actually like green tea

10 best tasting green teas for beginners, by (1)

The health benefits of green tea are limitless, but the taste can be a little – hmmm, understatement alert – bitter? That’s why we’ve searched high and low for some that actually taste good

Here at Healthista HQ we realise that not everyone is as green tea crazed as we are (our go-to is Pukka’s Mint Green Tea).

So we set ourselves a challenge to find the best tasting green teas for those who don’t normally like green tea, so that you can start loving it the way we do and soaking up all the rewards.

First let’s look at the benefits.

Green Tea Benefit #1 Cancer Protection

Cancer is one of the world’s most fatal diseases; caused by the uncontrolled growth of cells.

Oxidative damage is widely known to contribute to the development of cancer, however antioxidants can have a protective effect.

Green tea is packed with antioxidants.

Green tea is packed with antioxidants, which is why consumption of it has been linked to the reduction of cancer risk.

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Green Tea Benefit #2 Weight loss

Green tea can boost your metabolic rate.

According to Authority Nutrition, several studies have been carried out that show that green tea leads to decreases in body fat, especially in the abdominal area.

8 best-tasting green teas for people who don't actually like green tea SLIDER

Green Tea Benefit #3 Brain function

Caffeine is the key active component of green tea and it is a known stimulant.

The good thing is the caffeine level in green tea is much lower than coffee, but there is enough to produce a response without leaving you all twitchy and on edge.

Green tea also contains the amino acid L-theanine, which is able to cross the blood-brain barrier. L-theanine has an anti-anxiety effect.

the caffeine level in green tea is much lower than coffee

It also increases dopamine (a neurotransmitter in the brain linked to pleasure) and the production of alpha waves in the brain which help alertness. Studies have shown that the combination of caffeine and L-theanine is impactful at improving brain function.

Green Tea Benefit #4 Anti-ageing

Green tea has been a secret beauty weapon consumed in parts of Asia for centuries because of its many health benefits.

It contains high levels of Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins, a powerful antioxidant that could contribute to its anti-ageing effects.

9 best tasting green teas

#1 Best for: not tasting anything like green tea

Heath & Heather Organic Green Tea with Coconut 

This tea could almost be the long lost, piping hot sister of Piña ColadaOne thing we hear people complaining about when it comes to herbal teas, is that the smell doesn’t match the taste.

Particularly with berry teas, you can have a sniff of it and think it’s going to taste like hot Ribena but in reality is more like over-diluted hot squash.

Gladly Heath & Heather got the memo and their Green Tea with Coconut tastes just as good as it smells with super strong hints of coconut.

Also available to buy in the UK.

#2 Best for:  having cold

Aspire Apple with Acai Green Tea DrinkAspire Premium Apple with Acai Green Tea Healthy Energy Drink

We must admit we were skeptical when we first saw Aspire’s range of Green Tea drinks  (cans always seem to scream PRESERVATIVES).

However, when we finally got hold of them we were converted. The sweet yet mildly sour tang of the apple flavour combined with the acai berry makes it a refreshing drink, great for mornings, afternoon pick me ups (and even a mixer with alcohol).

It also contains guarana, a stimulant to give you an added mild kick and has zero sugar.

Similar product available to buy in the UK.

#3 Best for: after eating

Teapigs Marrakesh Mint Green TeaTeapigs Marrakesh Mint Green Tea

If you want to feel like you have been teleported to a warm Arabian country this is a must try.

The mint taste is strong, and overpowers the taste of the green tea, making it bitterness-free. It’s great to aid digestion after eating.

Available to buy in the UK.

#4 Best for: handbag supply

Newby Jasmine princess Green Tea, 9 best tasting green teas for beginners, by (2)Newby Jasmine princess Green Tea

We always have a couple of green tea teabags in our handbags for when there are no healthy hot drinks on the menu.

You can just ask for hot water and reach for one of your trusted bags.

The first thing that struck us about this tea was how regal the packaging is; each silk teabag comes in beautiful blue and silver patterned pouch. That means they stay fresh and they won’t rip open in your bag.

The tea itself is so rich, the jasmine taste is not too strong, so if you don’t normally like fragrant teas – you might just find that you like this one.

Available to buy in the UK. 

#5 Best for: antioxidants

Tetley Super Green Tea Matcha, 9 best tasting green teas for beginners, by

Tetley Super Green Tea Matcha

When you think of Tetley, you probably think of a warm cup of English Breakfast and Digestives. But this is a far cry from our past entanglements with Tetley.

Matcha, quite literally means ‘powdered tea’ and it has steadily become a hot new global tea trend in the past few years.

The great thing about Tetley’s take on matcha  is that if you are a milk fiend, it has slightly thicker consistency than other green teas – so you might just find that you don’t miss the milk.

Similar product available to buy in the US.

#6 Best for: a sweet tooth

Clipper Organic Natural Green Tea with Echinacea and citrus

Clipper green tea

If you can’t stand the taste of green teas and you like something a little sweeter this might be the solution.

It’s light and that typical green tea taste that so many people can’t stand is so faint, you’re left with only notes of citrus.

Clipper have also released a range of decaf green teas to have before bed, containing herbs for helping you nod off and unwind. We knew they were geniuses over at Clipper HQ. Well done guys.

Also available to buy in the UK.

#7 Best for: subtle taste

Twinings Lemon Green Tea, 9 best tasting green teas for beginners, by healthista.comTwinings Lemon Green Tea

The lemon flavour in this tea is strong enough to take the edge off the green tea, but at the same time you won’t be wincing every time you take a sip.

You can use the bags twice, as they’re really quite strong.

Also available to buy in the UK.

#8 Best for: balanced flavour

pukka-mint-matcha-tea-uk-healthista-shopPukka Mint Green Tea

This tea has found the perfect balance between mint and the green tea flavor.

The mint is prominent enough to offer you a cool taste while also receiving that little caffeine kick green tea is best for. It’s refreshing, but a strong taste.

If you’re looking for something more mild, try steeping this a little shorter than the suggested time.

Also available to buy in the UK. 

This article was last updated 3rd September 2020

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