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BBC Good Food Eat Well Show – a Healthista Mecca with chefs, celebs and experts all talking healthy food – here’s what’s on

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From February 27th to March 1st the new BBC Good Food eat Well Show will be hosting some of the best chefs, authors and experts at Olympia and Healthista readers can get 20 per cent off tickets

At the end of this month and for the first time ever, the trusted BBC Good Food brand will launch its first Eat Well show for people (like us, and you guys) who are conscious about their health but also love food. In particular, the Eat Well Forum is the part of the show dedicated to key diet and lifestyle challenges, and will play host to a range of vibrant discussions and informative talks on the relationship between food, health and wellbeing. As the show’s media supporter, Headthista’s proud to bring you an update of what’s on and the chance to get 20 per cent off tickets (£12 instead of £15)

Sessions will focus on different themes and motivations for eating well.

Sessions will focus on different themes and motivations for eating well. From learning how to roll back the years with super foodist Rick Hay, discovering how to balance a gluten free life with award-winning nutritionist Christine Bailey and finding out the five things you need to know about juicing with Liz Earle, get involved with the latest topics and trends of the healthy eating world!

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Jane Wake

The forum will be hosted by health and fitness expert (and Healthista contributor) Jane Wake. Hear what Jane is looking forward to:

‘I am really excited to be hosting the Eat Well Forum where we will be discussing a range of subjects with some of the UK’s top nutrition and food experts. This is a great opportunity to get your questions on diet, nutrition and food answered and discover just how the right food literally can change your life.

‘Food has always been integral to my work as a health and fitness expert. To understand sport science you have to understand the right food, eaten at the right time can make all the difference to winning or losing, succeeding or failing. Food for me however has never been fodder – it has to look good, taste good as well as perform and the success of my clients, programmes and books has always been based on a good balance of both food, fitness and positive lifestyle changes.

The right food literally can change your life

Sport and fitness however is just one part of an amazing science that involves the interaction of our bodies with food. Whether it is weight loss, diabetes, cures for common complaints or a serious lifelong condition, I am fascinated by how food interacts with our health.

Timetable for the BBC Good Food eat Well Show: 

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