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Amanzi Tea Roasted Almond

Amanzi tea has blessed the world with a range of luxurious loose leaf teas. This is the cozy way to detox 

Tin Group Amanzi teaPackaged in modern cubed tins of minimalist design, Amanzi Tea not only smell good enough to eat but they stand pretty on the kitchen counter.  Our favourite is Amanzi’s Roasted Almond tea – in a world of it’s own. With toasted flaked almonds, beetroot pieces and cinnamon bark, finished with an aroma like a nutty apple pie, it tastes and smells divine. Rest assured, almond works wonders in tea and gave this brew a marzipan-y flavour. Deliciously sweet, we can guarantee this won’t disappoint.

Amanzi is a London-based boutique tea shop and bar and you can buy a tin for £9.99  in store or order over the telephone for deliveries in and out of the UK.


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