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NICE! Alcohol can be good for you

We all know that too much alcohol is bad for you, but researchers have found that a moderate amount of alcohol is better for you than not drinking at all – this is the kind of research we like

That glass of wine after a stressful day? Don’t give it up. Ever.

Alcohol trailerResearchers at the University College of London revolved surveyed 30,000 men and women between the ages of 45 and 69. Their aim was to find the correlation between the participants drinking habits and their basic physical health.

The results showed that people who drank a small amount of alcohol four times a week were in the best physical shape. These participants found it easiest to complete essential everyday activities, such as walking, getting dressed, getting out of bed and reaching.

Teetotallers were in the worst shape. People who are alcohol-free are 27 per cent more likely to struggle with daily activities compared to people who indulged in alcohol in a healthy way.

Although the death rate is increasing from alcohol abuse, the study shows that this is from elderly people relying on it because of suffering from personal issues like bereavement, loneliness and isolation.

Drinking alcohol in moderation is key. A small glass of wine every other day is good for you, but drinking on consecutive days or binge drinking for one day a week is a serious health risk, the researchers said.

How to drink alcohol healthily

Stick to one glass of wine

Drink no more than four times a week

Have one day on and one day off drinking

Don’t cram four days of drinking into one night

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