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8 secrets of women who get things done

Ever wondered how all those go-getters you know actually get things done and still find time to sleep and eat? Life coach Jaqueline Hurst identifies eight secrets from life’s ‘do-ers’

We all know a woman who manages to get things finalised and completed that the rest of us only ever talk about. This woman is someone we will call ‘The Do-er’. The Do-er is the woman who launches the business, renovates the house, gets to the gym, writes the book and still finds time for her friends. She is the woman who can be juggling 100 balls in the air and she makes it look simple.  I often get asked how The Do-er actually does it and here are the observations I’ve made in life’s do-ere.

  1. She manages her mind

The Do-er doesn’t have time for negativity. She chooses to always look for the neutral or the positive. She knows that she is in control of her life by being in control of her mind. She knows that sometimes life gets tough but the tough doesn’t have to break her, and can in fact, make her. Being a Do-er means everything is possible. Having the right mind-set, the right thoughts are the key to the right outcomes.

Steal her trick: Think about some of the thoughts you had today that didn’t make you feel good. Write them down. Writing them down will help you get clear. Take a look at one specific thought and see if you can find any evidence to prove that thought is not correct for example your thought could be ‘I can’t believe my friend still hasn’t called me back’ and change it to something more positive such as ‘My friend is super busy, she still loves me, she will call when she can, this is not about me!’

Real 'do-ere don't let their to-do lists get on top of them
Real ‘do-ers’ don’t let their to-do lists get on top of them
  1. She puts herself first

The Do-er knows that by putting herself first tasks can get fully completed. The Do-er knows self-care is imperative because without taking care of herself, nothing can get done. She knows that taking time for herself is not selfish it’s essential.

Steal her trick: Schedule some time in your diary once or if possible twice a week for you. Make Wednesday night the night you are going to do your yoga class or Sunday night the night you will be in bed by 8pm to read the book you love and treat the appointment as important as any business or client meeting. When you schedule it into your diary you have more chance of actually getting it done.

  1. The Do-er lives in the moment

She doesn’t waste any time worrying about the past or projecting into the future. She knows that the moment is all we have and she seizes it (with gusto).

Steal her trick: remind yourself daily that the now is all you have and that you have a choice as to how you use your moments. The best way to remain in the now is to focus on the now.

  1. The Do-er takes massive action

She knows that Rome wasn’t built in a day but little by little, it was built! She takes small steps every single day to move her to her goal and realise her dream.

Steal her trick: every day make sure you do one thing, whether small or large towards your goal. If it’s writing a book even one paragraph is movement. If you want to launch your business even one phone call or website amendment is development. One thing every day is something every day. My favourite saying is ‘Out of small acorns big oak trees grow’.

  1. She doesn’t hide behind procrastination for fear of being imperfect

The Do-er goes out into the world doing the best she can with what she has, knowing that its better to give than to hold back waiting until something is perfect for fear of failing. She knows the odd failure is essential to success and doesn’t take it personally but learns from her mistakes and moves on.

Steal her trick: focusing on getting things perfect is a sure-fire way to hit procrastination. Taking action and doing something is better than nothing. It feels better too so tell yourself that whatever the task is you want to achieve does not have to be ‘perfect’ it just has to get ‘done’. Taking the pressure off yourself will help.


  1. The Do-er is always grateful

She knows that being grateful for all the amazing things in her life leads her to feeling amazing and in turn, she accomplishes more. Being grateful fuels her happy and she simply gets more done.

Steal her trick: Make a gratitude list before you go to sleep each night. Make a list of five or six things that you are truly grateful for. Being grateful is the fastest way to happiness.

7. The Do-er knows how to say ‘No’ 

The Do-er knows how to say that little word ‘no’ and she lets go of what other people think of her. She has a one way ticket on the no-train and she gets to her destination faster by being on it!

Steal her trick: Try saying ‘no’ to one person each day. You will be amazed at how good it feels.



  1. The Do-er LOVES what she does

She is passionate about it, she visualises it and she believes in it. Her whole heart and soul are in it. She knows that life is too short for doing something she doesn’t like and will therefore accept nothing less.

Steal her trick: There will be one thing you love doing. Focus on it. Focus on how great you feel when you do it – for example if you love cooking, make it happen once a week. If you aren’t doing it enough, schedule time to do it. Everyone was born with something that they love to do – life is short – live the life you love by doing the things you love. And once you get into the swing of it, you will want to do it more. Funny that…

jacqueline hurstJacqueline Hurst is a life and body coach. She  believes everything is possible and that all women can become the Do-er.  Hurst’s new The Life Class is an online life-coaching course that takes you on your own personal journey of self-development and teaches you how to be a brilliant life coach in just eight weeks. How? By providing you with a sharp, strategic syllabus which uses exceptional tools, techniques and concepts allowing you to truly understand what it means to become a life coach. Expect to gain knowledge, insider information, support and confidence. The Life Class prides itself on its high level of support throughout the course and encourages students to communicate via the Community platform. The Life Class believes that sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences is integral to becoming a great coach. | Follow Jaqueline on Twitter at @jhurstcoaching




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