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7 daily thoughts that make you an old lady before your time

marisa peerFeeling like a dinosaur? It could be all in your head – renowned celebrity hypnotherapist Marisa Peer has the secrets of thinking yourself young

Do you use words like ‘at my age, at my time of life, too old for that, too tired for that past it, too late? These are signs you are thinking old. You need to think young in order to stay young. Here’s how

1. You think old if You wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and say ‘I look so old , or ‘my skin looks old’ ? If your skin is dry to you say to yourself ‘that’s an inevitable part of ageing’? Change it by thinking My skin looks tired or my skin looks dehydrated’  This is temporary, whereas ‘old’ is permanent. After sleep, fluids and moisture your skin will look fresh again.

old smaller image2. You’re thinking old if Every time you forget something do you say – ‘I forgot to buy eggs – it must be my age, I must be getting old and forgetful’? Change it by thinking Look around the cloakroom of any school at the end of the day and notice what youngsters have forgotten – lunch boxes, sports kits, bags ,coats – so tell yourself you have a great memory and the odd slip up has nothing to do with your age.

3. You’re thinking old if When you get aches and pains you say – ‘My knees hurt – it’s because I am getting older’ Change it by thinking Aches and pains may be because you are not looking after your body or your posture, they don’t have to be anything to do with your age.

4. You’re thinking old if you Turn down invitations because you are  worried about not getting enough sleep or being too tired  and too old to go out as much as you used to. Do you use words like ‘I need my sleep at my age, I’m getting too old for late nights, I cant cope with late nights anymore’? Change it by thinking Even infants are cranky if they have not had enough sleep, but just because you’re over 35 doesn’t need you need more (studies have shown we need less!). Having fun will energise you, you also have time to catch up on sleep. Living your life to the fullest by accepting invitations and keeping variety in your life will keep you young.

5. You’re thinking old if you Shun younger clothes and fashions, thinking you will look silly – as if you are trying too hard, or an object of ridicule.  Instead you wear older,  safe clothes and neutral colours even though they make you look and feel older than you need to. Change it by  Wearing young fashions is more to do with your figure than your age. Being stylish, wearing bright colours and picking up a little on current trends will make you feel better and look better.

6. You’re thinking old if you jokingly refer to yourself as an antique, ancient, a dinosaur , past it or over the hill? Change it by Replacing the words antique, past it with youthful, young at heart, sageing, young state of mind and never say I am too old. The Rolling Stones still perform at 70. Painters, writers, composers, and actors still work into their  80s. Mary Berry, Joan Collins, Joanna Lumley and Nicholas Parsons would never use those words and you don’t need to either.

7. You’re thinking old if you Have a set-in-your-ways mindset that rejects learning new things like Skype or Twitter or Facebook. This same mindset stops you  keeping up with younger things like dancing round your kitchen when some happy music comes on with a ‘Whats the point – ageing is inevitable’ mentality OR  ‘I cant do anything about it so I will just accept it  and give in to it.’ Change it by Embracing newness. It keeps the brain sharp as introducing the brain to new things stops it withering. The brain has a brutal’ use it or lose it’ response – so doing new things like reading and doing suduko on your iPad, talking to friends on Skype, using the ‘wrong’ hand to clean your teeth and the ‘wrong leg to lead upstairs keep making the brain fresh alert and super sharp. You can do a lot to delay and defy ageing and neurobics – new mental activities – are the most effective ways to keep your brain young. Doing girly things like giggling and laughing keep you young. Goldie Hawn, Lulu, and Cliff Richard all act young which in turn keeps them  young.

marisa peer 1Marisa Peer’s new book You Can Be Younger: Use the power of your mind to look and feel 10 years younger in 10 simple steps is out today. You can find out more by visiting Marisa’s website.

Head shot: Jenny Lewis


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