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How are some women so happy with their jobs when so many of us aren’t? It’s an acquired skill says Life coach Jo Davidson, who points out their steal-able secrets

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes some women adore their jobs? Or, in fact, whether there is anyone, anywhere, that truly does love what they do for a living? Well, ‘Get a Life’ coach, Jo Davidson, is here to share with you the secrets that have these women jumping out of bed each morning.

  1. They do work that matters to them

These women aren’t longing for Friday night, or dreading Monday morning. Because their career is a vital part of their life. They spend their days doing work that has meaning for them; that they’re passionate about; and, that excitedly fills their mind with endless ideas, and opportunities, to provide more value for their customers, teams, and colleagues. They are beautifully obsessed with doing an amazing job, because they believe that what they do is making a huge difference, in a way that is meaningful for them. They show up and give their all at every opportunity because, whether they work for themselves, or within an organisation, they feel a deep sense of ownership and commitment. More often than not, these women are in a second, third or fourth career, having realised that their original path(s) wasn’t rewarding enough, so are especially appreciative of the success they now enjoy.

Brainstorm all of the things that would make a perfect career and consider how you could turn them into a marketable business

What to do: Do you know what kind of work would make you feel this way? If not, look at your current (and past) work, and pick out which aspects are the most satisfying. Which tasks see you willingly throwing yourself in at the deep end, irrespective of your workload, and what things motivate you the most? Also, think about your passions outside of work. What unique skills do you have? What particularly interests you? What is most important to you? What are you always raving on about? Brainstorm all of the things that would make a perfect career and consider how you could turn them into a marketable business, or convince an employer to hire you into that dream position.

  1. They don’t do it for the money

And I’m not talking about wealthy women that don’t need the money, I’m talking about ordinary women, with ordinary lives and ordinary bills to pay. The difference with these women is that, if they won the lottery, they wouldn’t quit. They might decide to go it alone, or expand to provide even more value to even more people, but they wouldn’t give their work up for anything. And, if they suddenly found their work wasn’t generating a sustainable income, rather than go and find a “safer” job, they’d find new avenues to make their passion financially viable.

if they won the lottery, they wouldn’t quit

Savoring her morning coffee
Money is important, but shouldn’t be your main drive behind a career

What to do: If you’re in a job you don’t like, and you’re only turning up each day, to bring in the money to pay the bills, then you are on the fast-track to meltdown. There is a limit to how long any one of us can keep giving huge chunks of our time up, to things that don’t matter to us. So, if you’re just working to make ends meet, or to buy material things in an attempt to build the façade of an ideal life, then I’d encourage you to do some serious soul searching about what you really want for your life. What could you do to start generating money from your passion, while still in your current job? Run the numbers and figure out how quickly you could replace your income sufficiently to pursue your passion full time.

  1. They know what they want and believe they will get it

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, these women are absolutely sure that they will be successful. So, from the very outset, they are armed with the certainty that they’ll get what they want! As a result, they walk into every customer encounter, every business meeting, every networking event, and every negotiation, crystal clear on their objectives, and filled with the absolute confidence that they will succeed. Now, that’s not to say that they always win. No one can win every time, but when they don’t, they learn from the situation, or accept that it just wasn’t right for that particular person at that particular time, and move on. Importantly however, their self-belief will get them the outcome they want, far more times than it doesn’t. And, as each success stacks on top of the last, their belief in their abilities is constantly reinforced, encouraging them to take on even bigger challenges and, of course, reap even greater rewards.

No one can win every time, but when they don’t, they learn from the situation, or accept that it just wasn’t right for that particular person at that particular time, and move on

What to do: A fantastic method, for generating instant confidence, is to approach every encounter with the assumption that the person you are speaking with is delighted to meet you, and can’t wait to take you up on what you’re offering. So, instead of worrying yourself sick that they’ll hate you, will think your proposal is ridiculous, or will just laugh you out of town, you choose to take the completely opposite mind-set. As a result, you’ll automatically appear more self-assured, more competent, and will be much more likely to get whatever it is you want! If you don’t get it first time though, don’t be disheartened. Ask for feedback, and modify your approach if you need to, but keep going!

  1. They hold themselves accountable

When faced with a problem or difficulty, these women don’t sit around hoping that fate will step in and solve it for them. They know that they are the only person that can resolve the issue. That’s not to say that they won’t share their concerns, bounce ideas around, or listen to advice. But, when it comes to the crunch, they’re well aware that they have to make their own decisions; and live with the consequences. That doesn’t freak them out either, because they also know that, if they do mess up, and end up with an outcome that doesn’t suit them, they can learn from it and make some smarter decisions, to turn things around again.
Take responsibility when need be, or step out of your comfort zone in opportune situations

What to do: It can be daunting, at first, to take responsibility for where you’ve found yourself in your career, particularly if you don’t like it. But, once you do, you suddenly realise that you have the power to change it. And that is a truly awesome feeling. So, start speaking to people outside of your normal circle, people who are hugely successful, and those who’ve turned their careers around, and start learning from their experiences and thought processes.

  1. They’re not afraid of uncertainty

Acutely aware that change is an integral part of living, they see uncertainty, not as something to fear, but as something to be embraced. They trust their intuition, are prepared to take risks, and make sound decisions quickly, even in trying times. They recognise that continually sticking in their comfort zone is a sure path towards stagnation and decay, so they’ll enthusiastically tackle new challenges and unfamiliar situations, knowing full well that it’ll lead to their personal development and growth. They don’t worry about looking foolish when they start out either, because they know that, until they try they’ll never know, and until they know, they’ll never be brilliant!

They see uncertainty, not as something to fear, but as something to be embraced

What to do: The quickest way to overcome a fear of the unknown is to jump in with both feet. Go and try something new. Learn a new skill. Volunteer for a different assignment. Go to a seminar. Anything. Do it, and keep on doing it. Even if it’s difficult. Because it’s in these new experiences that you’ll stretch yourself, and where you’ll learn just how much you’re capable of. I guarantee that you have so much more to offer than you think you do.

  1. They have great habits

Completely in tune with how their habits mould their experience of work, and life in general, these women aren’t lying in bed pressing snooze until the last possible minute, subsisting on junk food, or spending hours watching TV, surfing the net or playing online games. They know that not getting proper rest and eating empty calories leaves them feeling sluggish and demotivated. They know that a great morning routine sets them up for a brilliant day. They have a clear picture of what they want to achieve, and are prepared to put time into planning and execution, so that at the end of each day they are satisfied with their accomplishments. They also avoid futile distractions, which steal their time and detract from their purpose. That includes only checking emails at specific times of the day, switching off the phone when focused on a particular assignment, and saying no, without guilt or justification, to requests for their time, which they don’t wish to fulfil.
Go for a morning run, drink water and get to bed early – they all motivate you to be your best self

What to do: What habits have you cultivated that are detracting from your enjoyment of work, and life? Pick one habit that isn’t serving you, and give it up. Now. Today! Replace it with a positive habit that can begin to bring some benefits to your life. Use your time creatively, and productively, to work towards your career goals.

  1. They know how to switch off

While these women hold their careers dear, they also know the importance of balance in maintaining a happy work life. So, they are excellent at switching off from their work, to spend quality time with partners, children, families and friends. Perhaps most significantly, they also insist on making time for themselves, to rest, relax, rejuvenate and pursue their own interests.

Use your downtime wisely, to strengthen your spirit and enhance your enjoyment of life

What to do: It is so important to have balance between your work and the other areas of your life. When you’re spending time with the people you love, switch off your phone and immerse yourself in the small pleasures of life. And, don’t “kill time”. In years to come, you’ll wonder where all that time has gone, and wish you could have it back. So use your downtime wisely, to strengthen your spirit and enhance your enjoyment of life.

Jo DavidsonJo Davidson is the ‘Get a Life’ coach, specialising in helping women to get whatever they want in life. After finding herself in a state of constant unhappiness, Jo looked inward and started to improve her life through changing careers and strengthening relationships. She now works with clients facing similar issues by helping them unleash their true potential. Learn more at here

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