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7 easy make-up tricks that will make a big difference to your face

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Whether it’s getting Taylor’s smoky eye or Kiera’s enviable brows, make-up doesn’t have to be fussy – Aleysha Mawani, the founder of the new Athena salon on Brick Lane in London has easy makeup tricks to smarten up your beauty routine

1. Start with your eyes

Always start your makeup with your eyes first to avoid eyeshadow falling onto your base. Most women start with their base and risk wiping product away after applying eye makeup!

taylor swift makeup, makeup tips by
No matter how smokey Taylor Swift’s eye is, you’ll never see shadow falling below her lower lashes.


2. Use a sharp pencil for a smoky eye

Use a pencil eyeliner and blend outwards with a fluffy brush for the ultimate smoky eye look. Sharpen the pencil to a point so you can really get the pencil between the lashes – imagine you’re placing tiny dots between each lash, this will make them pop and look thicker. Then use a cotton bud to blend.

emma stone eyeliner, makeup tips by
Emma Stone is the queen of the black, smudgy tight-lined eye.


For an eye pencil that doesn’t budge, use Lord & Berry Smudge-Proof. For one you can blend for a more smokey look use Lord & Berry Velluto. Draw it on, then use other end to blend.

3. Wet your eye brushes

Wet your brush before applying powder eyeshadow for a vibrant pop of color.

emily blunt eyeshadow, makeup tips by
Emily Blunt knows how to get the most out of her dreamy blue shadow.


Revolutions Big Love Palette has three different combos for three different looks, or you can use each colour separately for a more natural look.

4. Apply mascara from the root

Wiggle mascara out from the root and twist upwards to curl and lengthen

katy perry eyelashes, makeup tips by
Whether she’s wearing falsies or not, Katy Perry always provides the ultimate lash envy.


Maybelline Falsies mascara has a curved brush making it easier to curl your lashes. And a thick consistency that coats each lash and really stands out.

5. Don’t over-obsess about your brows

Eyebrows are sisters not twins! Eyebrows are notoriously hard to match. Don’t waste your time trying to make them identical, as long as they look similar in shape/length/colour – that’s all that matters.

keira knightley eyebrows, makeup tips by
The best eyebrows don’t have to be symmetrical, demonstrated perfectly by Kiera Knightley.


Use Estée Lauder Eyebrow Pencil. Comes in different colours for different-colors brows. Draws on very soft like an eyeshadow and has a highlighter on one end, so once you’ve drawn your brow, you can perfect the shape by highlighting underneath to make your brows really stand out.

MORE: The power brow tool kit

6. Prime, prime, prime

Always prime eyes with a primer or a combination of concealer and powder before applying eyeshadow to avoid creases.

beyonce maekup, makeup tips by
The one thing we’ve never seen on Beyoncé? A crease.


Use Mac Cosmetics Studio Finish Concealer and set with Studio Finish Powder for heavy coverage and crease-free shadow all day.

7. Go top-to-bottom

Try applying your eyeshadow from the top down — some people find it easier to master highlighting before building up with colour. Start with the two colour trick – highlighter on the brow bone and darker colour on the lid if you don’t have time to fuss.

kim kardashian smokey eye, makeup tips by
There’ve been few times Kim K has been seen without the perfect highlighted
brow and dark smokey eye combo.


The Mac Cosmetics 224 brush is great for applying colour, but not too heavy. You can layer colours all while blending with this one brush. From your highlighter, to transition colour to darker colour. You’ll get a very blended flawless finish.

Aleysha Mawani headshot, makeup tips by healthista.comAleysha Mawani is the founder of Athena, a new salon in London catering to all beauty needs. With a boutique, an academy and a studio, clients can get their hair, nails and makeup done, learn how to do it themselves and have their new looks photographed. Aleysha has been published in magazines such as Vogue Italia, Dark Beauty and Asian Woman and has worked with celebs such as James Morrison, Elle Macpherson and Rhian Sugden.

Visit the salon’s website, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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