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London Wellbeing Festival: Find out where to explore your inner self and take control of your mental wellbeing PLUS get £2 off tickets

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The London Wellbeing Festival is almost on our doorstep, and here is our guide to getting the most out of your exploration of the inner-self with bloggers Addictive Daughter, and learning how to take control of your mental wellbeing with yoga coach Howard Napper

The London Wellbeing Festival (aka The Mind Body Spirit Festival) is almost at our doorstep with less than three weeks to go, (and counting). The four day extravaganza will take place from April 29th – May 2nd at London’s Olympia, and it will offer an abundance of workshops, live demonstrations, products, treatment, taster sessions, and classes.

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As mentioned in last week’s London Wellbeing Festival post, be sure to indulge yourself in:

The Mantra Lounge, which offers an oasis of calm where you can learn to relax and energise with live treatments, meditation sessions, and immersive sound experiences.

The Pop up Temple, where you can become one with the mystic and exotic, including: complimentary flower offerings, : and Bhagavd-Gita classes, and Garland and Sari workshops.

The Love Dome is a blissful sacred space in which to explore the heart, love, relationships and romance.

The Wellbeing Studio, which allows you to see an eclectic mix of teachers from the world of yoga, tai chi, dance and meditation.

Who will be there?

Some of the best and most trusted experts in the health and wellness world will be giving workshops and the focus will be on bringing you useful advice, practical skills, tolls and techniques to make you feel better. Here are two more of our favourites:

Addictive daughter, london wellbeing festival, by healthista

ADDICTIVE DAUGHTER (Persia Lawson and Joanne Raynor)

Who are they? Addictive Daughter describe their teaching as ‘Doing the inner work on yourself for the quarter life crisis generation’. They first started sharing on their blog after meeting at drama school. Both were stuck in destructive relationships with unsuitable men, career deadlocks and addictive behaviours (Persia’s parents were drug addicts). They use videos and posts on their blogs to share their daily struggles and insights.

While they describe their careers as still up and coming, they now write columns for the Huff Post and New! Magazine and currently in talks with publishers about an upcoming book.

Addictive daughters have 2K plus followers on Twitter, filmed a documentary with Russell Brand on spirituality, they also run a virtual life-coaching service over Skype geared toward 20-somethings in a quarter life crisis.

Their aim is to help you if you are struggling with addiction or think you might have a problem with drugs or alcohol, if you’re struggling with heartbreak, or have a habit of choosing the wrong men over and over. Like your self-help gurus to come with a sense of humour. These British girls are irreverent as hell.

Workshop: ‘It’s an inside job’

What’s the workshop about?: This interactive talk is divided into 3 parts: The Problem, The Solution & The Future. Persia & Joey will provide practical tools and insights which will guide you to take the mountain of value and experience that you’re already standing on, and use it to heal and serve the world – in your own unique way.

When: Monday 2nd May – 15:45 to 17:45

Price: £19.00 (Buy tickets here)

Howard Napper, london wellbeing festival, by healthista

Howard Napper

Who is he?: Leading yoga teacher and author, Howard believes that health and wellbeing is clearly not only about preventing disease. It’s also about how we feel, look and perform. It’s about finding both a mental and physical balance in life that allows our body to heal, grow and adapt to the world around us.

He says he doesn’t offer a magic pill or a ‘one size fits all’ answer – rather, his work and passion lies in working with people to finding ways that help each and every individual take responsibility for their own physical and mental wellbeing.

Workshop: Stress and Five Minute Meditation

What’s the workshop about: It would be great if we could find quick fix solutions to our stress, but in reality the only way to affect our relationship with stress is through our thoughts. This workshop explains how stress works and teaches you a short-form meditation that can be done by anyone.

When: Saturday 30th April – 11:00 to 12:30

Price: £15.00 (Buy ticket here)

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