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6 ways Kate Moss’s yoga teacher stays happy each day – a special dispatch in our mood special to celebrate Depression Awareness Week

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For  Depression Awareness Week, yoga teacher Nadia Narain – who teaches yoga to Kate Moss, Sadie Frost and Gwyneth Paltrow – shares her six top tips in feeling happy instantly

1. Practice gratitude

I think of all the things I can be thankful for first thing in the morning and before I go to bed. It will help shift your mood as you start to feel full rather than empty. It’s the best practice.

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What are you grateful for?


2. Do something nice for yourself every day

I know this doesn’t sound like much but  it’s important to remember, especially if you have a family and look after other people. This could be anything to taking half an hour out of a packed day to write in a journal to buying yourself some flowers and putting them at the end of the bed so they’re the first thing you see when you wake up.

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3. Eat well and exercise

Not eating well always makes me feel low so I try my best to eat nutritious food as much as I can. Also, move your body everyday, even if it’s just a ten minute walk.

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Eat as nutritiously as possible

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4. Give something back

My own yoga teacher taught me that when you feel down you should do something for someone else. This has been a good teaching in my life as when I get caught in my own drama, I try and do something to help someone else and it always makes me feel better.

when I get caught in my own drama, I try and do something to help someone else

5. Have fun

Go and do fun things like attending a comedy show or go out dancing – anything that puts a smile on your face.

Women dancing, Six tips to feeling happy, by

6. Smile

Smile at people when you are out, engage with people and ask how they are. It always makes them feel happy and will make you feel happy.

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Headshot of Nadia, Six tips to feeling happy, by Healthista.comNadia Narain teaches an inspiring Hatha style class offering her students fun and inspiring yoga sequences which work the body and calm the mind. Her teachings will allow you to explore and stretch your limbs as well as your mind. Her students often say they gain greater awareness both on and off the mat. Expect bad habits to be banished, your downward dog to be perfected and if you are lucky, one of her yogic readings at the end of class.

You can attend one of Nadia’s yoga classes at triyoga studios in London. 

To purchase a copy of Nadia’s DVD, Everyday Yoga for Stress Release, click here.

For more information about Nadia, visit her site.

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