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6 health trends your body needs now

From new online workouts to freezing fitness and new ways with soup, our Bodylogist blogger has this months hottest health trends

  1. It’s New: Bun Free Macca’s

october trends letucce burger
McDonalds is not normally somewhere I spend a lot of time…but I may be more tempted if the idea they have recently launched in Australia comes to the UK. It’s called ‘Choose Your Taste’ and the idea is your build your own gourmet burger. This excites me because one option is to skip the bun and use a lettuce wrap – that means virtually no carbs people. Handily, I’m in Oz right now and so I’m going to get the chance to give one a try in the next few days….I will report back on

2. Cold – it’s so hot right now

october trends ice castle
Bit of an international theme on this months’ page as I’m seeing a trend emerging in the US that’s also intriguing me….you take something healthy and do it somewhere cold. For example, in LA you can visit Cold and Thirsty, the first Cryosauna/Juice Bar, this combines sipping smoothies with three minute sessions in an ice cold room to help rev metabolism and immunity. Over in Boston, one trainer is offering fitness classes in a room with a temperature of a slightly chilly 16 degrees Celsius . The theory here is that this is the temp which activates calorie burning brown fat amping up the health effects. I can see that one catching on.

tep-2 app3. My fave new fitness app – Tep.

Because I’ve got a super packed schedule on my Oz trip, formal exercise is having to take a back seat….but I am walking over 20,000 steps daily charging around so that’s good. It’s also good for my new fitness app obsession, Tep. This uses the medium of cute to make you fitter. You log on and become responsible for a small animated giraffe. The premise is simple, every time you walk, run or cycle you earn points. You then use the points to keep your giraffe happy and alive. After getting off the plane to a seriously sick looking virtual pet I haven’t stopped moving since. Find Tep at the app store.

4. Here now: Obama’s favourite snack bar

october trends kind bars

Before I left, I managed to sneak in a trip to the Lunch! show in London. This is where manufacturers showcase upcoming new easy-to-eat foods and there really are some amazing products coming out over the next few months. One I can tell you about now though is Kind Bars, reportedly stocked on Airforce One at the request of President Obama. If that’s true, Pres knows his snacks….these are seriously good. Packed with nuts, there’s seven flavours available containing around 200 calories per bar. They’re sweet but lower in sugar than most of the other bars out there. I loved them. You’ll find them in Tesco stores from October 12th priced £1.29.

5. I need: Rocking Fit Online Training

Rocking Fit image 4
I’ve spoken on here before about how inspiring the Daily Greatness Training Journal is, well now the same team have set up a 12 week holistic training plan designed to put you on the path to healthier eating and regular exercise. Combining online workouts, meal plans, weekly mindset coaching, a copy of the journal to keep you accountable and a whole online community to give added support its aiming to be an all round package for change. See more at I’ll be signing on when I return to get me back into a routine.

6. Let’s just called it Souptober

october trends broth
There’s a lot going on in soup world right now….Planet Organic are now stocking The Bone Broth by Ossa, £4.50, a ready made bone broth (and interestingly are suggesting it as a new green smoothie base). Glorious have launched three Limited edition global based flavours in their SkinnyLicious range Mexican Tomato and Fire Roasted Pepper, Cuban Creamed Corn (Waitrose only) and my fave, Moroccan Spiced Chicken, £1.99. And then there’s the new book A Bowlful of Broth, £9.99 from Ryland, Peters and Small which offers a winterful of broth based ideas. I’m predicting big saucepans as this Winter’s kitchen must have.

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