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5 ways to cut back on alcohol

Stop Drinking and DrivingAlcohol related deaths among women in their 30s and 40s are rising, say researchers.  If you fancy cutting back on your drinking, here are five things that can help


No-alcohol wine Eisberg comes in Rose, Cab Sav and Sauvignon Blanc and is actual wine with the alcohol removed so actually tastes like the real stuff.  From £3.20 from supermarkets.  Try it a few nights a week as the NHS now recommends taking a few nights off drinking a week to help your liver recover – it’s the one organ in the body with the greatest capacity to renew itself.

Hypnotherapy  Georgia Foster is a hypnotherapist specialising in problem social drinking.  Her book The Drink-Less Mind (£17.99 from Amazon) and self-hypnosis MP3 every night can make saying no to a drink without feeling deprived easier – Anna’s tried it and it works.  More at

White lies – You need little excuse for a drink these days, but say no to a tipple and everyone expects a good reason.  Make them up – ‘I’m on antibiotics’ and ‘I’m driving,’ are  pretty hard to argue with.

Swapsies –  On your alcohol free nights if you’re going out, ask for mineral water with some fresh lime in a wine glass, no one will know the difference and for some reason holding a wine glass makes you feel more like part of the party.

Lose the announcements – Telling people you’ve stopped drinking or are cutting back  can often be met with ‘Oh go on, you can have one, we won’t tell.’  You don’t have to explain yourself, usually ‘Oh I don’t fancy it tonight, got to work tomorrow’ works a treat.



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