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5 CBD benefits for women you didn’t already know about

5 CBD benefits for women you didn't already know about MAIN

Thought you knew everything about CBD? Nutritionist David Stache from nutrition brand warrior is here to reveal 5 CBD benefits you didn’t already know about

The benefits of CBD have become increasingly hard to ignore in recent years.

When it comes to women’s health, many health issues or difficulties are impacted by hormones and the menstrual cycle.

Whilst CBD is commonly praised for reducing stress and anxiety, it also offers other health benefits that are not as widely known such as regulating hormones, improving skin and easing pain.

Healthista spoke to Nutritionist David Stache, who expands more on the surprising ways CBD can drastically benefit women’s health, including the ones you didn’t already know about…

#1 CBD promotes blissful sleep

Whether it’s a result of stress, anxiety, or even the menstrual cycle, many women find it difficult getting to sleep, however studies have found that CBD consumption may support sleep. 

CBD can help to manage and create a regular sleep schedule, as it allows the body and mind to fully relax and rest, both physically and mentally.

CBD can also trigger the release of melatonin, which is the chemical responsible for regulating our sleeping patterns.


#2 CBD eases acne

Many women experience skin irritation and acne flare-ups, especially when their hormone levels change.

This can commonly cause distress and upset, prompting women to spend hundreds of pounds on skincare products.

CBD oil is a more affordable option that has been shown to help ease skin problems according to studies, as it is full of nutrients that can help the skin look glowing and healthy and has anti-inflammatory benefits which help reduce puffiness and redness.  

#3 CBD reduces anxiety

OK maybe you did know about this one. Indeed, recent studies have shown that women experience a spike in their levels of anxiety and stress in the lead up to their period.

This can be due to changing hormone levels and can make a woman feel as though everything is unravelling all at once.

it triggers the release of serotonin (which can boost mood)

CBD products can be used to help manage both stress and anxiety, as it triggers the release of serotonin (which can boost mood), and it also interacts with other receptors in the brain that are known to regulate how anxiety affects our behaviour.

With so many CBD products on the market, it can be tricky to know where to start, but I would highly recommend the new CBD range from Warrior whose CBD products offer extensive healing properties, and are non-psychoactive, making them a safe alternative for you to enjoy, with no intoxicating effect.


#4 CBD can stop bloating

Bloating is a common ailment for women, especially around their period. This can cause discomfort and an unhappy digestive system.

CBD has been shown to help reduce bloating in certain ways. Firstly, by reducing inflammation in the gut, and promoting digestive health.

Secondly, as there is a well-known brain-gut connection, given that CBD reduces the production of cortisol, our stress levels are lower, which means that there is less likelihood of us feeling bloated and suffering from digestive discomfort because of stress and anxiety, which is a common culprit. 

#5 CBD is great for pain relief

There are various pains that are commonly associated with menstruation and the menopause, such as breast pain, joint pain, headaches, and general inflammation.

allow the body to deal more effectively with pain

CBD has been shown to help with pain relief and to reduce inflammation, however this is not to say that it can get rid of pain entirely.

CBD has anti-inflammatory effects due to the way that it interacts with pain-sensing systems in the brain, which can allow the body to deal more effectively with pain and ensure that the body’s reaction is proportionate, which means that it does not sense more pain than there actually is. 

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