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5 BEST Sleep Apps

Technology gets a bad rap for keeping us awake. But here’s how it can help you sleep too – we’ve handpicked the best apps for your slumber


sleep cycle alarmSleep Cycle Alarm Clock Wakes you up when you are in light sleep – the best sleep phase to wake up in.  Choose from 15 different alarm melodies or use one of your own songs on iTunes. £0.69 from iTunes




Hypnosis-Sleep Soundly

Hypnosis-Sleep Soundly hypnosis sessions that include guided imagery and relaxation techniques that create ‘theta waves’ (relaxing brainwaves) in the brain. Free from iTunes



deep sleep



Deep Sleep Clinical hypnotist Andrew Johnson brings his miracle-working directly to your smartphone through a relaxing, guided meditation designed to aid a good night’s rest. £1.99 from iTunes







Sleepbot tracks motion and sounds (so it can track any sleep-talking or snoring too BTW) to paint a visual picture of your sleep in graphs and stats the next day. Plus, it suggests sleep promoting moves and food choices for before bed. Free from iTunes



Sleep Pillow providsleep pillowes a set of high quality ambient sounds designed to create a relaxed environment that helps you nod off . It features 70 naturally recorded sounds including white noise and animal sounds, a slow-fade in alarm clock and a sleeper fadeout time. £1.49 from iTunes

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