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5 best natural face serums

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Want a natural face serum that delivers results? Best-selling natural health author Janey Lee Grace handpicks the best 

I’m a huge fan of facial oils and serums but there can be confusion over the difference and why we might choose one over the other, or indeed use both. In my experience facial oils work really well to rehydrate the lipidic film of the skin, they add the hydration and nutrition to the skin, but serums go one step further and can tighten, brighten and add nutrition into the deeper layers of the skin with a higher concentration of active ingredients. Depending on the ingredients some have an exfoliating component too.

serums go one step further and can tighten, brighten and add nutrition into the deeper layers of the skin

If your skincare routine is becoming a little ‘stuck’ and you feel your skin needs a boost, a natural serum is for you. I’ll only ever recommend great natural products but it goes without saying it’s best to avoid denatured alcohol which can be more dehydrating.  If you’re looking for natural products, read the label and also avoid parabens, lanolin, artificial perfumes, methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone, petrochemicals, phthalates and colourants.

It’s best to apply serum to moist skin which is more permeable. A good routine would be to cleanse using a natural cleanser, apply a natural alcohol-free toner and then apply the serum. Bear in mind you will still need a moisturizer, (which has larger molecules) as serum doesn’t usually have the protective properties.

Best for wrinkles

Green People Age Defy+ Hydrate & Renew Serum

green people age defy serum, best natural serums by

The founder of Green People Charlotte Voltz is the ‘serum queen’. She suggests that we mix a tiny amount of serum with oil and just tap it gently into the skin. This face and neck serum has a unique blend of rejuvenating and balancing botanicals. It gives intense skin hydration which increases firmness and elasticity. It smells gorgeous too, with an organic aroma infused with mandarin, rosalina, rose geranium, lavender and palmarosa. They have tested it extensively too and the tests have revealed impressive results: skin hydration increased by 30 percent and a 10 percent wrinkle reduction was observed after only four weeks.

tests revealed skin hydration increased by 30 percent and a 10 percent wrinkle reduction was observed after only four weeks.

You can always rely on the credentials of Green People products, they make it very clear that their skincare contains no ‘nasties’

Best for brightness (and reducing redness)

Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Anti-Aging Serum
intelligent nutrients serum, best natural serums by

This light oil from Intelligent Nutrients glides over skin and immediately sinks in. It’s great for reducing redness, helps with brightness, and plumps the skin to ease away the appearance of lines, it’s also firming and helps the skin elasticity bounce back. It contains a super certified organic antioxidant ‘Intellimune’ which helps cells live longer, healthier lives while restoring skin’s collagen and elastin production.

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Best for smoothing fine lines

Zk’in Line Smoothing Serum

zkin serum. best natural serums by

Zk’in is the new range of organic skincare that is hugely popular in Australia. It’s now gaining notoriety within the organic sector in the UK, There are no parabens, no sulphates, no petrochemicals and no unnatural ingredients in any Zk’in product. With a strong feature on plant actives with clinically proven results, this lovely serum contains Gatuline Expression, an extract of the Paracress plant of Madagascar; a clinically tested active to smooth the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles.

Best for radiance

Organic Surge Intensive Smoothing Serum Enriched with Para Cress Extract
organic surge serum, best natural serums by

This is a lovely velvety serum which can restore radiance to dull and uneven complexions.   It’s packed with organic ingredients to rejuvenate condition and protect your skin, including blended pure aloe vera and hyaluronic acid. This Organic Surge serum hydrates, reduces wrinkles and doubles collagen production. It can be used on both face and neck and is suitable for oily skin and dry skin. Again you can combine it with facial oil to lock in the moisture and use as a primer.

Best for a natural glow

Skin Guru Nourishing Facial Serum (Antioxidant Formula)

skin guru serum, best natural serums by

This nourishing facial serum from delightful all-natural brand Skin Guru is packed full of antioxidants that really help the skin glow. It’s made from the finest natural ingredients to nourish and replenish the skin including certified organic rosa rubginosa seed oil and borago officinalis seed oil. The natural potent oils contain antioxidants that fight the free radicals that can cause ageing. The serum can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, bring luminosity to the skin and helps fade scars and age spots.  

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janey lee grace headshot, best natural serums by healthista.comJaney Lee Grace is known to over 8 million daily listeners via BBC Radio 2, is a passionate representative and Media spokesperson for the organic and natural health world, and has been voted number one personality in the 2013 and 2014 Natural Beauty Yearbook.  She currently writes columns for many magazines recommending natural products and services, is a passionate public speaker and interviewee on UK radio and TV, and the author of five bestselling books on natural nealth, including two Amazon Number 1’s.

Visit Janey’s website,, follow Janey on Twitter and Facebook.

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