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17 best vibrators for women in 2019


Finding the best vibrator for your specific needs and shape is like finding that pair of jeans that you feel simply unbelievable in.  Unfortunately you can’t try a vibrator on for size, so we’ve done some research to give you a head start

There’s no such thing as a one size fits all sex toy.

To start with, our vulvas and vaginas are all shaped differently and our preferences can be quite different. That makes picking the best vibrator for yourself an inexact science. But we haven’t let that discourage us, according to a sexual happiness survey recently conducted by LoveHoney, 63% of women are enhancing their lives with the use of a sex toy. 

As with partners, someone can go through handfuls of duds before finally finding ‘the one’. You might hear a friend gush about how a certain toy changed her life, only to try the exact same model and get nothing, nada, zip. (Thanks for nothing Karen.) 

Not everyone is going to want the same type of vibration, not everyone is going to enjoy penetration and we’re not all chasing the same orgasm.

For this reason, we’ve had a look at as many variations as we can, to bring you the best of the best.

Clitoral vibrators:

Clitoral vibrators take you straight to the main event by delivering a wave of different sensations to your most sensitive area, the clitoris. 

Zalo: HERO- £105


Specially designed to indulge and titillate, HERO uses ZALO’s proprietary PulseWave technology to achieve a swing on a frequency of up to 75 times per second, giving oral sex a run for its money. 

Combining 4 unique vibration and 4 resonating pulsation modes, the HERO gives you the option to find your perfect combination of power and rhythm and experience a different mind blowing sensation with every use.

Best for: Oral enthusiasts looking for strong rumbling vibrations

 Our tester said: 

‘This feels so elegant and the diamanté detail in the handle gave it a sophisticated edge. The material was so smooth and soft. The settings were really varied, but easily navigated and I adjusted them to my desire with ease. The vibrations were so powerful, it was a total out-of-body experience. I’ve honestly never felt anything like it. The flicking tip was insane. It had me moving like something out of the exorcist’

‘I have never come across a sex toy that looks like the Hero, I like the individuality of it and I can attest that for me, the pulse wave on the highest settings really hmmm, brought me home in the most outstanding way.’

Vegan Toys: Eggplant Vibrator £16.95


A firm favourite here at Healthista, this ultra soft little best-seller is modelled after the ever-popular eggplant emoji and is a perfect pick for those who are on the shyer side and after a more discrete toy or anyone with a good sense of humour about their sex life.  

Best for: The playful vegan who likes buzzing vibrations

Our tester said: 

‘I’m very new to sex toys.Whenever I think of sex toys, I imagine huge dildos, not something like this. I was so impressed by the discretion of this toy, it fit into the palm of my hand and felt very playful. I have been following a plant based life for the last five years and I never knew that vegan toys were out there for me in abundance, so that was pretty special.

‘From tip to tip, it’s the softest thing ever. It was a very sensual experience. It’s just the one button, so it’s very easy to use. That totally worked for me because I’m so new to this. I never thought my favourite vegetable could be so much fun.’

Hot Octopus: DiGiT- £59


Finger toys are great if it’s a discreet vibrator you’re after, thanks to their small size and shape, and this one is no exception. This ergonomic little toy has five brain-tingling sensations that will take you to new levels. With its large rumbly motor, DiGiT promises to turn any finger into a superhero.  

Best for: Gently enhancing your hands with a subtle rumble

Our tester said: 

‘It fit on my finger perfectly and I was pretty excited to try it out – the handle part felt very sturdy and the silicone was so enticing. It was very convenient to use, mostly because I didn’t have to worry about dropping it since it was safely connected to my hand. I was able to use it directly and by flipping it over and the letting the vibrations run through my fingers – my own hand literally became a vibrator.

I really liked the softness of the silicone. Most of the vibrations are very soft and deep, but if you turn it right up you get a bit more power. If they made one that was 100% silicone I’d be all over it… again.’

 Bathmate: Vibe Bullet- £19.99 


Sometimes you just can’t beat a classic. Bathmate’s simple yet satisfying 10 speed vibrator is fully water- proof and rechargeable, allowing you to take your pleasure wherever you like and without fear of burnout. 

Best for: The shy gal who enjoys a buzzy toy

Our tester said: 

This was discreet, simple and certainly not too scary looking. Some other vibrators out there are far more intimidating. The material was so soft and ohmgee there were so many settings. I didn’t get to try them all the first time because this thing works… fast. It left me anticipating what else it had to offer and I was never dissapointed. What was really nice was that it was so small and discreet, not too noisy (I don’t live alone…) and the fact that it’s rechargeable also makes life so much easier.

Tenga: Iroha+ Tori £84.99

Iroha-tori-tenga-best-vibrators-healthistaThe Tori is one of three designs for the Iroha+ alongside the Kushi and Yoru. All three toys share the same 10 settings and motor, but the Tori’s design is by far our favourite. Inspired by the shape of a bird, the Tori is the only one of its sisters that has a smooth tip intended for insertable pleasure.

Best for: Creative couples who want to experiment with a range of vibration

 Our tester said: 

‘The design seemed so upscale and it looked like something I could use with my partner as well as on my own so we gave it a go together.

‘It was a discrete size and so classy it doesn’t shout out ‘sex toy’. Just holding it was kinda sexy because it feels softer than skin.

I particularly liked how the hard interior makes the centre really firm and the soft exterior covering makes the extremities super soft and malleable.

‘The firm VS soft aspect opened us up to loads of different techniques and once we’d tried one way to use it, we just turned it another way and did that instead. It accommodates lots of different positions, and it had a huge range of vibe options.

‘You could ride it or use it like a bullet vibe, and it worked really well all over the body with the vibration turned down because it’s just so soft. The feeling of it in my hand was really satisfying and it just makes me go “treat yo’self”.

‘Overall, a totally unexpected treat’. 

G-spot toys:

G-spot toys give you that extra bit of reach when it comes to exploring your vagina. If penetration is your thing, give one of these G-spot toys a go.

Tenga: Iroha Minamo £79

Best for: Teasing your most erogenous zones with a gentle buzz


The Iroha Minamo is ergonomically designed to fit the contours of a woman’s body. This vibrator delivers 4 soft undulating vibrations, creating ocean-like sensations all over your erogenous zones. The more seasoned shopper will love the pastel coloured silicone exterior, which is specially designed to repel dust for your convenience.

 Our tester said: 

‘If I had to sum up this toy in one word, it would be gentle. It’s very unthreatening and friendly and I can’t get over how squishy it is. It’s so squishy.

‘The fact that it’s light blue also helps with the overall impression. The thickness of the toy is a little less than two fingers and I was really down to try the wavy texture.

‘The settings were user friendly because you don’t have to go through too many to find the one for you. You will probably get used to this toy quite quickly, there was no “learn to love it” process. It was love at first vibe. Ultimately I think this is a good toy for anyone who wants something unobtrusive, discreet, that will “open doors” to everything that a sex toy can do.

Vegan Toys: Cucumber glass dildo- £17.95

cucumber-best-vibrators-healthistaIf you’re looking for something outside of a cookie cutter vibrator, why not skip the vibrator part and try a modern take on the classic dildo? This toy can be placed in warm or a cold water for some tantalising temperature play. 

Best for: Rippled cool texture that delivers a healthy dose of vitamin D

Our tester said: 

‘Okay, so the first time I saw this, I was like: ‘What? This is the silliest thing I’ve ever seen’. Plus, I didn’t really think of green as sexy.

‘It didn’t take long to change my mind.

‘Because it’s made of solid glass, this is a heavier toy, which made it easier to apply pressure when I wanted to. It also meant I could get creative.

‘The texture was so different, the hardness and the little dots mean you can use it all over your body and experience so many sensations. The whole toy is usable, so your imagination is your limit really.

‘The instructions said to experiment with hot and cold water and for me, playing with temperatures was definitely a game changer.  I especially liked how the colder sensations felt on my more intimate parts. It really shook things up in the bedroom.

Chaiamo- £39.99


This powerful toy offers up to three hours of uninterrupted pleasure, along with a tapered tip for precision. Designed to send strong and deep sensual vibrations throughout your body whilst targeting your pleasure zones with intense sensations the Chaiamo promises an ‘unforgettable orgasms’.

Best for: Strong buzzing underwater adventures

Our tester said:

‘This has such an elegant colour, the photo really doesn’t do it justice.

‘It’s a comfortable size and the whole thing feels nice to touch and has a smooth silky feel, with a stiff centre that was very enticing.

‘It is a simple design so it’s easy to use, and fairly straight forward.

‘Naturally, I had to take advantage of the fact that it was waterproof. In the bath, it’s not too loud either even though it’s got quite a strong set of vibrations to choose from.

‘There are 10 settings to play with and they vary from a medium vibration to one that will zoom across the table if you’re not careful which gives you a good range to use it. You just have the one button, so controlling it is easy enough’.

Tenga: Iroha RIN- £36.99


The RIN sports a soft, spherical orb at its tip that gently rocks back and forth with your body and is designed for both external and insertable sensations, creating an effect that will probably be new for everyone. Its single button operation and gentle vibration make it a perfect toy for those who like to keep it simple.

Best for: Playful gentle vibrations

Our tester said: 

‘It was super cute, like an oversized chess piece or board game token. If you’re shy or prefer to keep your toys discreet, you’ll love this.

‘The tip is very soft and sponge-like and I could not stop playing with the deliciously squidgy ball at the top – it was so much fun I forgot what the toy was meant for for a while….

‘The silicone was super soft and felt like a dream on my skin. There were only 4 settings which weren’t very strong but that’s why worked on me.

‘The vibration was weaker in the squidgy ball tip, than the ‘neck’ which was unusual for me, but led me to experiment around with the length of the toy and some new sensations.

‘I like it a lot – I can’t choose a favourite feature. The cute design, the soft feel, THAT SQUIDGY ball, the simplicity, and that fact that I used it more than once today must say something right?


If you’re craving some dual stimulation, a rabbit will have you covered. Designed to hit your two most erogenous areas, it’s no wonder these are the most popular toys on the market nowadays.

Womanizer: Duo- £179.99


The Womanizer Duo was created to excite the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously with its incredible and intense dual stimulation. The toy is shaped for the intimate massage of your life, possessing ten vigorous functions including pulse, massage, tease and heartbeat. 

Best for: Powerful blended orgasms though strong rumbles

Our tester said: 

‘I was very excited to see what this thing could do as anyone who has owned a suction toy before will know how amazing these things can be.

‘So one with a shaft sounded very…interesting. The first thing I noticed when holding the toy was that it was soft, sleek and easy to handle.

‘At first I was worried the toy wouldn’t fit my body, but that wasn’t a problem. The shaft is flexible, which meant no matter how I moved the toy could always find its mark on both ends.

‘I feel like I’ve discovered parts of my body that I didn’t know could feel arousal. Even when the settings were low, I could feel the suction resonating all the way through me.

‘My only note would be that you should probably play with the buttons a bit beforehand- otherwise you won’t have a clue what you’re doing.

Rocks Off: Everygirl – £59.99


The Everygirl comes in three colours and boasts two powerful motors each driving precise and blended vibrations to both the shaft and clitoral stimulator. This toy also features a sensory pulse synchronised colour change LED at its base. 

Best for: The woman who likes to lose control with all types of vibration

Our tester said: 

‘It’s very compact and the black colour gives it such a classy look, like you’re gonna use it at the opera in a tiara and a gown.

‘The. Material. Is. Great. It is soft and slightly squishy but not too squishy, which meant it fit the contours of my body perfectly. That also makes it easy to clean. The vibrations can get quite intense, some settings are a kicker as well- very cool and fun to play with.

‘Just a warning for anyone who loves to be in control, you can lose track of the settings, but if you want a whirlwind and don’t mind where it comes from, this won’t an issue. The soft texture left me very impressed and the shape of the toy is quite friendly and adapted well to my body. Ultimately very slick.

‘And it’s soft. Did I mention It’s soft?

Kegel Balls

Kegal balls, or as they’re more widely known, Love balls, are great for toning your pelvic floor. A little-known secret about them is that they can also be used for sexual stimulation. The shape of these insertable toys makes them perfect for G-spot stimulation even if you simply do nothing but leave them in. Just be careful not to pick ones that are too heavy, or they’ll fall out. 

Cherry Kegal ball training set- £24.99


This cute cherry shaped Kegel Ball set is perfect for beginners and advanced trainers alike. With 5 simple  colour coded weights ranging from 30g – 110g there’s enough variety to take you to the Kegel Olympics.  

Best for: Strengthening stimulation without vibration

Our tester said: 

‘These are gorgeous, the cherry design is a nice twist on a toy that’s hard to make look sexy.

‘The silicone feels so sensual, I spent a long time running them along my body before I used them.

‘The first two are so light, I think they’re probably better for hitting your g-spot than for exercise.

‘The darkest one is definitely too heavy for me at the moment, I guess that can be something to aspire to.

‘The fact that they’re so simple makes them straight-forward to use: Just pop them in (I used a smidge of lube for this, as it helped them roll along my g-spot).

‘I found these worked best for me either as a warm up toy or when I paired them with a clitoral toy and gave them a little squeeze.

Bondara vibrating love balls- £39.99


This sleek set of remote controlled vibrating Kegal balls comes with three differently weighted balls ranging from 46 grams to 78 grams and 10 buzzing pulsations.

Best for: strong buzzing vibrations and an adventurous night in (or out)

Our tester said: 

‘This is one work-out you won’t want to skip. They were an exciting shade of a vampire purple; perfect for the night – discrete enough to keep hidden and small enough to store.

‘My favourite part was definitely the texture. The material was like velvet meets lycra, smooth and sensual to the touch and very easy to insert.

‘It’s got slight flexibility to the middle joint which was helpful for applying pressure when I wanted it and the little stretchy pull cord made for easy retrieval.

‘It’s not conspicuous especially on the noise levels, with simple and easy to change settings from the snazzy remote, and a variety of uses. The remote made experimenting with the settings easy and opened it up to a variety of uses, I’ll be passing it over to my boyfriend the next time I see him.


If you require a lot of power, a wand should do the trick. Wands are perfect for external stimulation and will usually come with a handle to give you more concentrated stimulation and stop your hand vibrating too much. 

Ann Summers: Moregasm+ Wand– £64


From one of Ann Summers most popular lines the Moregasm+ wand is shaped to hit more nerve endings than ever before for an unforgettable, mind-blowing experience. 

Best For: A first wand that delivers gentle rumbling to strong buzzing vibrations

Our tester said: 

‘I loved the sleek look of this and the colouring is beautiful.

‘I’d never used a wand before, so naturally I was intimidated.

‘The fact that you can use it all over your body was also a new, and very welcome, experience and meant that I could take my time working my way up to the main event.

‘The smooth material had such depth and density and the head was very flexible which meant I could manoeuvre it easily from afar.

‘The settings were thoroughly varied, I had a good range to choose from and it provided such explosive stimulation for me, my legs were still trembling the next day.

‘It didn’t take me long to go running to the charger for the next round’.

Doxy: Number 3- £84.99

Doxy-3-best-vibrators-healthistaThe Doxy number 3 (or the Doxy Smol as it’s been dubbed by sex toy reviewers) By far one of the most powerful wands out there, oscillating at up to 9000 resolutions per minute, it’s no wonder a mere battery couldn’t cut it for Doxy. 

What makes this toy so unique is its size: at only 28 cm long and weighing 350g it is remarkably petite for the punch it’s packing. 

Best for: Earth-shattering power via strong rumbling and buzzing vibrations

Our tester said: 

‘My first sex toy was a standard Doxy, so I already knew that Doxy made powerful toys.

‘I sort of braced myself for a super loud toy, that would wake the neighbours, but to my relief it wasn’t much louder than a hum.

‘I didn’t expect it to be so quiet, it’s so much quieter than most plug in toys.

‘I really liked having the handle because it meant my hands didn’t feel weird from all the vibrations. The small and sleek design is lovely and it hasn’t lost any of the power – in fact it was way more intense because the vibrations were that much more concentrated, the sensation was deep and strong’.

Something different

Mystery Vibe Crescendo- £129


‘Crescendo is a uniquely innovative bendable toy with  six separate motors that run throughout the whole body of the toy each with 16 different intensity levels, giving you multiple stimulation points to work with.

‘The flexible design bends to fit your shape exactly and is unisex and gender-neutral so people from all orientations can enjoy it.

Best for:  Gentle stimulation for the flexible technophile

Our tester said: 

‘First impressions? I could tell I was in for a special treat.

‘The slender phallic shape has two little wing things at the thicker end. I wasn’t sure what those were for, at first, but they worked well for external stimulation. My favourite thing about this toy? It’s super bendy ability makes it the perfect toy to help discover your G-Spot.

‘The material is a matt kind of silicone, rubbery and pliable, with plenty of give.  At the lowest setting the buzz was so gentle as to barely register.

‘I’d say this is definitely a good vibrator for those who like a gentler, subtle stimulation. I pretty quickly ramped it up to full throttle, which was a bit noisy (so not one for those with kids at home).

‘If you like your buzzy patterns the Crescendo will tick that box and then some.  There are 12 preset ‘vibes’ and you can download more from the app. Though that was tech step too far for me.

‘If you prefer a more consistent stimulation, you’ll probably be better off with a simpler toy, though I did find one setting that delivered a more consistent buzz.

‘The wireless charging feature takes a bit of getting used to, but it only takes 45 minutes and then you’ll be good to go for two hours straight’.

Rocks off Ruby Glow- £39.99


Ladies and gentleman, we have discovered a cure for the dreaded condition known as ‘vibrator hands’.

A vibe you don’t even have to hold. The Ruby Glow, and it’s sleek purple sister Ruby Glow Dusk, is designed for the seated lady and can even be used through clothing.

Best for: A strong buzz during seated stimulation

Our Tester Said:

‘The coating was silky, but the toy itself is pretty firm.

‘The base is completely flat, so it worked much better on a flat surfaced seat, than say a sofa or office chair. (Though if your sofa has flat arms, you’re in business).

‘It has two buttons at the front that each control a motor at the front and back, so I had a lot of options to play with.

‘I’m not a huge fan of penetration, so this was the perfect compromise – the vibrations and grooves combined were able to hit all the right spots without feeling intrusive or underwhelming.

‘It was just the right pitch.  Having the buttons at the front was convenient for me and I felt very in control; almost like I was driving it.  I also liked the shape, you can sit still, or grind on it while the vibrations do their thing.

Note to reader: If your hands feel funny, tired or buzzy when you use a vibe?

If the vibration becomes too powerful in your hands, try turning down the settings or alternating hands. A trick to combat vibrator strain is to stretch your hand and forearm muscles beforehand. Try shaking the wrist and rotating it in circular movements both clockwise and anti clockwise, then stretch out the hands and thumb. 

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