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Weight Loss

13 ways to burn fat all day

FInd yourself pressed for time with no hope of making it to the gym? Research into fat-burning suggests making a few strategic tweaks to your day could get burn fat with less effort

6.45am: GET YOUR D

How: Take a 10-30 minute power walk outside
. Vitamin D deficiency is becoming an epidemic in the UK. It’s prevalent in people who work long hours and see little light and research is now showing that adequate levels are essential to weight management. So how much do we need? Opt for minutes in direct sunlight or 30 minutes overcast without sunscreen to boost your levels. Vitamin D is also found in fatty fish such as mackerel and fortified milk.


breakfast, ways to burn fat all day, by

How: Two scrambled eggs on toast
. Most of us know that skipping breakfast is a recipe for weight gain and studies show that women who forego this meal are four and a half times more likely to be obese than their breakfast eating counterparts. Having protein in the morning requires more energy from your body to break down so can keep you fuller for longer, says Dr Nigel Turner, metabolism researcher at the Garvan Institute in Australia. In one study, overweight women who had two eggs a day for eight weeks lost 65 per cent more weight and had an 83 per cent drop in their waist measurements than those that ate plain bagels.


drinking four cups of green or white tea throughout the day increased metabolic rate by 100 calories a day

How: Guzzle the green (or white)
. You’ve probably heard enough about the health benefits of green tea by now. But research from Lipton tea found that drinking four cups of green or white tea throughout the day increased metabolic rate by 100 calories a day. That equates to a loss of up to one and a half kilos over three months. Not bad for doing pretty little! The burn comes courtesy of a family of phytochemicals present in green and white tea called catechins that have a stimulating effect on metabolism.


Young woman bathing

How: 30 second cold shower
. An icy shower could help burn fat during the day. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine found making yourself cold activates ‘brown fat’, a good type of fat in the body that increases metabolism and burns off white fat, the kind that makes you flabby and old. Brown fat is present in babies researchers have found, but adults can help re-activate theirs by lowering their temperature. So go on, turn on the cold tap. You’ll feel better for it.


How: Take the stairs – five times.
 Research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that women who ran up and down the stairs at work for two minutes at a time, five times a day boosted their fitness over an eight week period. Scientists call this incidental exercise, says Dr Turner. ‘It’s great for boosting metabolism,’ he says. ‘Most people are time poor but if you get up and move around every two hours and take a five minute walk around the office, or run up a couple of flights of stairs, you’re keeping you’re metabolism more fired up than if you were sitting down for four hours until lunchtime.’


people who had 1500 milligrams of calcium a day gained less fat than those who didn’t.

How: Grab a skinny latte
. You know you need calcium for strong bones but it could also help you lose weight. One study found that people who had 1500 milligrams of calcium a day gained less fat than those who didn’t. That equals four serves a day of calcium – for example with milk on your cereal, a 200 gram yoghurt, a slice of cheese and right now, with that latte.


Crispy salad on a plateHow: Lunch on beans, mackerel and spinach
. Opt for legumes such as lentil, kidney, pinto or white beans and chickpeas at lunch. These all contain magnesium which your body needs to burn fat. Magnesium is essential to muscle and nerve reaction as well as energy production. It’s also abundant in pumpkin seeds, mackerel and spinach so make up a big salad and feast.


How: Fidget in your planning meeting. 
It might annoy your co-workers but tapping your foot, playing with your pen and generally fidgeting about are examples of ‘non-exercise activity thermogenesis’ or NEAT. A study at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota found that one of the strongest factors differentiating fat people from skinny ones was the amount of NEAT they packed into their day. Examples of NEAT also include wiggling, finger-tapping, pottering; all those daily hints of inadvertent activity most of us do without realising it.

4.30pm SOUP IT UP

How: Have a chicken soup mini-meal. 
A protein snack about now will stop you over-consuming at dinner. Between three and five hours after we eat our stomachs empty and release appetite stimulating hormones such as cholestylkonin. If you don’t eat something in response to this release and ignore it, you could end up wanting to eat everything in sight come dinnertime.

If you can’t face chicken soup, other protein choices include a whey protein smoothie, some Brazil nuts or a small piece of cheese

A cup of hearty chicken soup is a good choice – US researchers found it helped dieters lose an extra kilogram a week due to its low fat and high protein content. Plus, protein power could help if you’re planning a post-work workout. ‘Research shows that people get better muscle building post-exercise if they have a protein snack an hour before they exercise,’ says Dr Turner. ‘It takes time for the protein to be broken down so after the workout, the amino acids from the protein they ate will be directly available to rebuild muscles.’ If you can’t face chicken soup, other protein choices include a whey protein smoothie, some Brazil nuts or a small piece of cheese.


gym, ways to burn fat all day long, by

How: 25 minutes interval training 
and twice weekly light weight training in the gym is one of the best ways of increasing your muscle tone. But you needn’t slog away for the whole hour, says Dr Turner. Research at the University of New South Wales has found that high-intensity interval training twice a week – that’s where you do eight to 12, 60 second bouts of exercise with one minute in between in 25 minutes – has effects on the muscles that are comparable to those you’d get if you were working out for an hour, he says. ‘Studies have shown that people who do such shorter, high-intensity exercise lose more weight and fat than people doing traditional aerobic exercise,’ Dr Turner explains.


How: Steamed chilli salmon, roasted capsicum and tomatoes and one cup brown rice. 
It doesn’t get healthier – or more metabolism-pumping – than this. Steamed salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Add a dressing made with lime juice, soy sauce and chopped red chillis. In one study on Thai women, chillies were found to immediately increase metabolic rate by 20 per cent and sustain it for up to thirty minutes. The fat-burning effect is due to a phytonutrient in chillis called capsaicin.

chillies were found to immediately increase metabolic rate by 20 per cent and sustain it for up to thirty minutes

But it’s not just chilli and cayenne pepper that can pump up your metabolism after eating. More recently cinnamon, ginger, mustard, horseradish and turmeric have all been found to have a similar ‘thermogenic’ effect. That means they switch on your body’s heat-production systems, boosting your metabolism as you eat them and afterwards. Roasted capsicum and tomatoes are rich in potassium. This helps balance the balance of potassium and sodium in your body which is essential to keeping the energy pumping between your cells. Lastly, brown rice is a powerhouse of B-vitamins, a group of nutrients essential to energy metabolism and the function of the nervous system.


How: Salt water slimming. 
‘Lots of my model clients take an Epsom salts bath the night before a shoot when their bodies need to look great’ says James Duigan, founder of and Elle Macpherson’s fitness trainer. ‘Add one or two mugs of Epsom salts (which you can buy from most pharmacies) to a hot bath,’ says Duigan. ‘Epsom salts are an ancient remedy for drawing out toxins. Taking one or two of these a week can speed up your weight loss.’

10.30pm GET THOSE Zs

Resting her eyes

How: Try some black out blinds. This could be the best investment into sleep you ever make. But what’s that got to do with weight loss? Everything! Studies have shown that too little sleep decreases levels of the hormone leptin in your body, which is essential to fat-burning and appetite regulation. Lack of sleep also causes a spike in the stress hormone cortisol which disturbs blood sugar and is proven to lead to fat gain around the tummy.

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