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TECH SPEC 13 ways the new Google Search app can make you healthier

Ready for the best Friday afternoon time-wasting device EVER? With the new Google Search App, you simply download it and ask it a question – like, ‘Where’s the nearest gym?’ – and it tells you the answer virtually instantly.  

Like Suri but better, its connected straight to Google and takes less than half the time to answer – we know, we pitted the two against each other in a race (infantile, us?).

The Google Search App was showcased on Wednesday at a new specifically designed ‘Google House’ that demonstrated the many ways the app can be used from planning holidays to cooking meals to doing your shopping.

Obviously the first thing we thought of was the many and varied ways we could make a Healthista’s life easier. Basically think of a health question and ask it. Like a talking health concierge in your phone.

Here are some questions to get you started:

1. Where is the nearest gym? No excuses peeps, it will tell you exactly where and how you can work out nearby.

2. Where is the nearest nail bar? Ditto for that last minute Shellac treatment.

3. What is quinoa? We weren’t ready for this one – a warning, it gets cocky and likes to tell you the history and preferred use for things like this (that most people have never even heard of) in a voice that implies: ‘Doh! It’s a grain originating in the Andes IDIOT…!’

Quinoa is a high protein, low-fat grain from health foods stores  that's totally gluten-free and cooks quickly.
Quinoa is a high protein, low-fat grain from health foods stores that’s totally gluten-free and cooks quickly.

4. Where can I buy it? Seriously, it does follow on searches and remembers what you were asking about previously. So in this context it came up with the best places to get quinoa. Genius, non?

5. How old is Dita Von Teese? Okay not exactly a health question but great if you’re just nosy and/or bored (she’s 41)…

6. How many calories in a Starbucks tall skinny latte?  100 if you’re wondering


7. How do I do smoky eyes?  Because Google and You Tube are now that special kind of friends, it works a treat in taking you straight to video links when you ask questions that do better shown in video. Ask it this and you’ll get straight to all the B-grade beauty fiends doing smoky eyes in their bedrooms. Or, you can click here and watch a professional smoky eye how-to video from hmmm, us

smoky eyes

8. Where can I get a hot noodle soup around here? Could life get any easier?

9. How many units in a Cosmopolitan? 2.5 so you know

10. Who is Mandy Ingber? It even knew that Ingber is a leading yoga teacher. However, it didn’t tell us she was Jen Aniston’s teacher – you STILL need us for that.

SELF Magazine And Jennifer Aniston Celebrate Mandy Ingber's New Book "Yogalosophy: 28 Days To The Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover" At The Soho House West Hollywood

11. Where can I get a sports massage? Takes you to the nearest massage places near your area.


12. What’s healthy that I can do with chicken? You can ask it general, typical Googley questions and it won’t necessarily sit and tell you all the answers but it will bring up a relevant search – this one brought up 50 ways to prepare chicken breast from Men’s Health. If you really fancy an easy healthy chicken recipe from us, click here


13. How much fat is in your Wiener? And when you’re overseas and watching your weight the new Google Translate app does voice translations. That means  if you’re in Germany and you don’t speak German you can say to the new app: ‘Is the Bratwurst Gluten-Free?’ and it will translate it in a real German voice for your waiter and then do the same for him. See. Genius.

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