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11 new vegan protein powders that taste amazing

The latest vegan protein powders no longer taste like dust. We tried these 11 dairy and whey-free protein shakes and they passed the taste test at Healthista HQ

Protein powder is the talk of the town with new products constantly cropping up left, right and centre and with the surge of demand we understand why. No longer limited to fit-stagrammers, gym-goers, body builders and personal trainers, protein powder is quickly becoming an asset to any health lover.

Protein powder isn’t just about bulking up and weight gain though, as traditionally used. Choose one with the right booster ingredients, such as inulin, and it can even help you reach your weight loss goals – read Healthista’s post about 6 best ingredients to look for in a protein powder to find out more about this.

With so many to choose from how do you know where to begin and which is right for you? Luckily Vicky Hadley has sought out 11 of the BEST vegan protein powders that are brand new out right now AND taste amazing.

1.Healthista Lean Vegan Diet Protein


Healthista lean vegan diet protein, best supplements for people who exercise by

Healthista’s editor Anna Magee’s has launched our favourite new protein powder aimed towards aiding weight management with an amazing taste, great amino acid profile and sweetened only with stevia. The product has been formulated by Rick Hay, Healthista’s nutrition director and a lecturer in weight management at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and has been made wholly in the UK.

Why we love it?  Healthista’s Lean Vegan Diet protein contains ingredients that are proven by science to keep appetite at bay and encourage fat loss. For example, inulin from chicory root which has been shown to help reduce fat around the middle, glutamine for muscle recovery, konjac root for appetite control (it was so amazing at keeping me full I actually forgot to eat lunch one day – very unusual for me!) and matcha green tea for metabolism. It also contains a balanced mix of pea, hemp, rice and pumpkin seed proteins for an impressive mix of amino acids and essential fatty acids.

Best flavour? Vanilla was definitely my favourite, not at all dust like and the sweet lusciousness covered up the flavour of the masses of kale and cucumber I like in my morning smoothie. That’s followed closely by the berry flavour.  Both are also amazing proats. Take 25 grams of oats, 25 grams of the powder, a teaspoon of chia seeds, cover with boiling water, mix and leave to stand for 20 minutes and you have a fantastic pudding like breakfast that will keep you full until lunchtime.

What’s the taste like? This powder is all about the taste. there is literally not a hint of dustiness in any of the flavours and it mixes so easily without even needing a blender (unless you’re also mixing fruit and vegetables with your smoothie).

How many grams of protein per serve? Each 25 grams serve provides 14-15 grams of protein that is easily absorbed by the body and is just 89 calories a serve, so amazing for weight loss.

Lean Vegan Diet Protein Vanilla £24.95 is available from Click here to see the full range of flavour and blends.

EXCLUSIVE READER OFFER – fancy a free sample of Healthista’s new protein and nutrient powders? Simply email us and we will send you a sample PLUS a free shaker.


2. Musclemary – Not just Protein

Musclemary Missfits Hero 10 best new vegan protein powders

Why we love it? Musclemary ‘not just protein’ is definitely up there in one of our favourite vegan protein powders list. It’s large list of superfood ingredients explains the ‘not just protein’ name which includes ingredients such as maca, baobab, flaxseed, acai and more. Musclemary also has natural, ethical fat burners from CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) and glucommann that keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Best flavour? Our favourite flavour has to be the berry haze however the chocolate crush came in a close second.

What’s the taste like? Berry haze tastes delicious when microwaved with oats and water. It is extremely sweet and moreish, almost like a healthy strawberry dessert.

How many grams of protein per serve? There is 18 grams of protein per 30 gram serving.

£57 (inc VAT) for 30 day supply (£1.90 per serving) . Available to buy here.


Strippd 10 best new vegan protein powders

Why we love it? STRIPPD have been a favourite of Healthista for a while. Their vegan protein powders are derived from a blend of whole pea and hemp and infused with metabolism boosting yerba mate to help tone and develop lean muscle.  The pea and hemp blend contains all of the essential amino acids for building long, lean muscles.

What’s the taste like? A rich chocolate brownie. The chocolate flavour has a sticky texture that reminds me of a chocolate brownie mix. I recommend taking it with a small amount of hot water to turn it into a chocolate mousse.

How many grams of protein per recommended serving (35grams)? 20 grams

What’s the taste like? Another sublimely sweet tasting powder I love the fruity flavour of STRIPPD’s Berry protein mixed with my morning porridge oats and water or almond milk whilst I love the chocolate protein as healthy dessert.

Best flavour? Chocolate

Available for £20.00 from STRIPPD and at Boots


4. MyProtein – Active Women Vegan Blend

MyProtein 10 best vegan protein powders

MyProtein’s Active Women Blend is another love of ours. It’s completely gluten free and designed especially for sporty women; the Active Women Vegan Blend is made with completely natural ingredients with an added boost of enzymes, green tea and folic acid.

Best flavour? Banana and cinnamon

What’s the taste like? The first protein in our list that’s not the typical chocolate, berry or vanilla! We LOVE the Active Women Blend in the unique banana and cinnamon flavour which tastes incredible mixed with Alpro Soya yoghurt. It has a strong banana milkshake taste whilst the cinnamon helps speed up the metabolism.

How many grams of protein – each serving delivers 16g of protein

Available from MyProtein for £16.99 here. 


5. Missfits

Missfits Hero 10 best new vegan protein powders

Why we love it? Missfits is another fairly new name in the protein industry but is already a must-have for many fitness bloggers and instagrammers. It’s crammed with all of the essential nutrients we need for our body to function properly and unlike the others it is only stocked in sachets meaning it’s a portable option to keep in your gym bag without weighing you down.

Best flavour? My favourite flavour was the coffee sachet which I mix into my morning porridge oats as it definitely wakes you up first thing in the morning. It’s also a great one to have before and after your gym session as a pre or post-workout snack.

What’s the taste like? Missfits coffee flavour has a bitter taste that is ideal for those non-sweet tooth lovers. It mixes with water well and gives you a powered up workout.

Grams of protein? Missfits has 15 grams of protein per 25 gram serving

Available to buy in sachet form or as a large packet here.

6. Innermost

Hero 10 best new vegan protein powders

Why we love it? Brand new protein powder, Innermost’s protein blends contain unique blend of ingredients such as Japanese medicinal mushrooms, pink Himalayan sea salt, bilberries, Montmorency cherries, cocomineral, turmeric and matcha green tea. The protein powder helps to reduce fatigue, increase recovery time, burn fat  as well as build lean muscle mass. I tried ‘The Health One’ of the innermost blends as this is a vegan protein powder.

Best flavour?
 The Health One comes in a sweet chocolate flavour that tastes delicious and light alone or amazing mixed with yoghurt for a creamy dessert.

What’s the taste like? This protein powder is very sweet and blends perfectly when shaken with milk or mixed with water. There is no dust-like taste at all.

Grams of protein? 30 grams of protein per 40 gram serving.

Available to buy for £30.00 here.


7. Protein World

10 best new vegan protein powders - protein world

Why we love it? Protein World is a fantastic option for those with allergies or choosing to avoid soy as well as dairy. Made from pea protein and a vitamin and mineral blend. It is a thick, smooth consistency when mixed with plant based milk or water and has a sweet, more-ish taste that you can’t help but love.

Best flavour? Vanilla is our favourite flavour – sweet and smooth, I simply mixed it with water after my workout and felt full and satisfied until dinner.

What’s the taste like? Really sweet without being sickly and no ‘dusty’ or grainy aftertaste.

How many grams of protein per serving? 30 grams of protein per 40 gram serving

Available to buy for £32.00 here.


8. Hero Vegan Protein

Hero 10 best new vegan protein powders

Why we love it? Hero is a complete lean, plant based protein blend made from pea protein isolate and white hemp protein which has been blended with vitamins and minerals to help support hormone balance, mood and energy. The sachets are slightly smaller than the others making it ideal to pop in your gym bag post-workout thanks to it’s resealable top.

Best flavour? Berry

What’s the taste like? The berry protein isn’t too sickly sweet and tastes amazing blended into a smoothie with almond milk and frozen berries as a great post workout treat.

How many protein grams per serving? There are 20 grams of protein per serving.

Available to buy for £24.00 here




scitec nutrition best vegan protein powders

Why we love it?
Scitec Nutrition’s Pure Form Vegan Protein is a vegan protein mix, naturally sweetened with stevia. The Organic Vegan Protein Blend is made from pea protein isolate, rice protein, coconut protein, pomegranate protein, and pumpkin protein providing a great mix of amino acid for vegans and with only 84 calories per serving, it’s a great weight loss option too.

Best flavour? Toffee

How many grams of protein per 30 gram serving? 20 grams

What’s the taste like? This protein powder tastes like a dessert! It is sweet and has the melt in your mouth texture that makes you sigh in happiness. Thanks to the stevia extract it needs no extra sweetener, if you are looking for a post-dinner treat, try a tablespoon mixed into some soya or coconut yogurt.

Available here for £16.95

10. 33 Shake


33 shake 10 best vegan protein shakes

Why we love it? 33 Shake is packed with 33 potent superfoods for endurance performance, all dedicated to boosting power, energy and recovery. The Pre and Post Workout Shakes are the ultimate workout fuel for any athlete whose goals are to push harder. They are formulated for triathletes, runners, cyclists and swimmers tackling distance events anywhere from two hours to two weeks and beyond.

Best flavour? Cacao flavour

What’s the taste like? It tastes natural and is an excellent option if you are trying to curb sweet cravings. You can really taste the addition of the dates making it seem as though you whipped it up yourself. If you are not a fan of stevia then this is definitely the one to go for as its not as sweet as the others.

Available to buy for £20.99 for the starter-pack here

11. Healthspan Elite Complete Vegan Protein

Healthspan Complete Vegan Protein healthistaHealthspan Complete Vegan Protein healthista vanilla drops

Why we love it? This is a new protein powder product launched by Healthspan, a supplement brand we highly rate at Healthista HQ which combines three different vegan protein sources (pea, pumpkin and brown rice) with an A-Z of added vitamins and provides 20g of protein per 27g serving. It mixes very easily – no need for a blender – and we love the affordably priced 1kg pouch.

Best flavour? The protein powder itself has been designed without flavour giving you more flexibility in how to use it (great if you’re experimenting with making protein balls and protein cakes) so the star of the show is the new flavour drops (vanilla is our favourite) which you add to flavour your shake.

What’s the taste like? You can easily tweak the flavour intensity of your shake by adjusting the amount of flavour drops you use, ranging from 5-10 drops depending on how strong and sweet you’d like it. Having this control over flavour is something we really loved about this product.

Available to buy for £24.99 with a free flavour drop, from



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