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What is activated charcoal and what is it for?


Activated charcoal products are growing in popularity but, what exactly is activated charcoal and how does it work? Nutritionist Melissa Pierson explains what it is, the benefits, products it can be found in and why you need it

Activated charcoal has come on to the market in a massive way, but what actually is it and what can it be used for? With all the positive news hovering around we asked Nutritionist Melissa Pierson to explain why it’s still a trending product, the kind of products we can expect to find it in and why we need to use it.

What is it?

It’s a carbon heated to a very high temperature, this is called the activation process, it creates many tiny pores in the carbon, it’s these pores that catch and absorb chemicals, toxins and harmful substances that can be found in your body or on the skins surface or even in water.

What kind of products have activated charcoal in them?



BRITA, Fill and Go Vital Bottle 600ml

The first and foremost will be in water purification, you can actually pop a stick in a glass of water and you can use it to soak up the chemicals and the toxins in that water. This bottle comes with replaceable activated charcoal discs that filter the water when drinking.

Available for £16.49 here




KIKI HEALTH, Activated Charcoal Powder 70g

Another use is for supplements as well, it’s used in supplements for digestive health, if you take a tablet or in powder form either before or after a meal it helps with things like gas and bloating. It’s also said to lower cholesterol levels as well because it helps to soak up the build up of toxins and chemicals, harmful substances that may potentially lead to cholesterol build up.

Available for £9.95 here



KINGFISHER, Charcoal Natural Toothpaste 100ml

Another use is tooth paste, although it’s a black colour it helps to remove stains and can be used as a natural whitener. Activated charcoal’s abilities to absorb toxins are put well to work with all the bacteria and toxins that can be found around the teeth and gums.

Available for £3.45 here



SUKIN, Charcoal Facial Masque 100ml

Then also skincare as well, largely used in face masks, face creams and the reason being is because our skin is the largest organ of the body and it collects so much throughout the day, for example, dead skin, dust, car fumes and other harmful substances from touching surfaces with your hands and then touching your face. Activated charcoal helps by removing those harmful substances from our skin.

Available for £11.95 here

Melissa recommends:

The one piece of advice I would say if you are using activated charcoal, is to always use pharmaceutical grades, always check the label and also if you are consuming it always consume with a glass of water because it can be a tad dehydrating.


Melissa Pierson has an NTEC accredited Diploma in Nutritional Therapy from The College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) in London. I also hold a BSc (Hons) Degree in Psychology from Queens University, Belfast. I am a member of BANT, the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy and the CNHC, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. I am passionate about inspiring, motivating and educating others to lead healthier and more balanced lives. I do this by offering private consultations, workshops, seminars, events, and other nutrition services.


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