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Balls to a better orgasm

Meet the Dare Me Pleasure Set from – the thinking woman’s sex toy shop, kind of like ‘If Dolce and Gabbana did vibrators…’. The box features a suede mini-whip and silk cuffs to get you started on the BDSM thing but most interestingly, a set of Luna Beads.  These are Lelo’s take on Japanese Ben-Wa Balls. We tried it

LELO_DareMe_PleasureSet_packaging SMALL.jpg

If you’ve read 50 Shades, you’ll know what we’re talking about, if you haven’t here’s a rundown.

Sometimes called vaginal weights, orgasm balls or Geisha balls, Ben Wa Balls are designed to be inserted into the vagina and worn for around 30 minutes each day or longer to tighten the pelvic floor muscles (Ben Wa balls are also worn during intercourse to heighten pleasure).

The Lelo Luna Bead variety on the other hand are intended as a serious vaginal fitness tool, not so much as a sex toy, says Kerri Middleton,’s UK account manager.  They come in a number of weights and sizes from 28 grams to 37 grams per ball and what you will be suited to will depend on your age and if you’ve had kids along with the general strength of your pelvic floor to begin with.

Middleton says they’re like any other weight, you have to start small.  ‘I would recommend starting on the lighter weight, especially if you’ve had children,’ she says.  ‘Wear them at least half an hour a day but longer is better and after two weeks you should be able to progress to the bigger size.’

The Dare Me pack contains Luna Noir beads, which at 37 grams each are the heaviest and smallest.  Two hollow black balls with a weight inside them attached to a harness, consisting of two circular holders with a string at the end.


They’re easy to insert and some lube is always an option.  Once inserted, they feel odd at first but in a good way, like being internally full. The weights within the balls vibrate inside you whenever you move, which provides an internal stimulating pang with each subtle shift you make.  This gives a whole new dimension to sitting on the bus.

At first I felt as though I had to ‘squeeze’ constantly to hold them in.  This is normal, says Middleton.  ‘After the first few days you’ll forget they’re there until you move around and feel a subtle vibration, which is what is meant to happen.  There’s no need to strain and squeeze, just wearing the balls causes the pelvic floor muscles to involuntarily contract and expand which subsequently strengthens them.’

I also found the sensation of removing them pleasurable (but Kerri Middleton said that was just me).  Both Ben Wa beads and Luna Beads some as single balls with and without harnesses and double balls with harnesses, I would say always go with the harnessed ones as retrieving them could get interesting and you don’t want to have to call the Fire Brigade.  Wait a second, maybe you do.

After using them for a week and then having sex (without them in – not going there) I felt a difference in the intensity of my orgasm and strength of my pelvic floor muscles.  Now I have used them daily for the last month and have found I can actually hold my pee mid-way which my mother always said was the test of a healthy pelvic floor (this is heartening as about three months ago I did have a ‘little pee when I sneezed’ moment).

My next step will be using my Luna Beads along with my vibrator, the husband is away you see – but that I won’t be sharing the experience, so don’t be afraid.


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