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WE LOVE: Savvy sweet spreads – the healthy alternative to Nutella (with LOADS fewer calories) that’s making CAROB cool again

Looking for a healthy alternative to Nutella? Something to spread on your toast, pancakes or eat out of the jar as a sweet treat? With half the calories of peanut butter and totally vegan friendly, Savvy Spreads will keep your sweet tooth satisfied all day. Get ready for the carob comeback!

Our latest obsession here at Healthista Towers are Savvy Spreads. Savvy is a range of brilliant, tasty, sweet spreads for your toast, sandwiches, pancakes, porridge, ice cream, or (like me) spoon. You can bake with them, use as a marinade and to sweeten currys or even eat them straight out the jar. Savvy spreads are the hottest new addition to any sweet toothed health freaks cupboard. They’re 100% natural, gluten free, high fibre and vegan, giving you a slow release of energy throughout the day.

sesame spreads, by healthista,com

They come in three flavours, date, chocolate, and carob and honey. My personal favourite is the chocolate (obv) but the date is equally as morish. I highly recommend the date flavour if you have a crazed sweet tooth like me, just one teaspoon set my sugar madness at bay for the afternoon. Having them by my desk all week has been a big mistake and I’ve managed to nearly polish them off.

from only 55 calories a tablespoon, its hard to believe just how healthy they actually are

However I don’t feel too guilty as they have no added sugar, soya or dairy. And from only 55 calories a tablespoon, its hard to believe just how healthy they actually are. They’ve even won the best sweet preserve award. So simple yet so so good.

Savvy Spreads are available from many health stores around the country and online from Yumbles and Realfoods and come October, Ocado. RRP £3.95 each or £9.48 for three jars.

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