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We love: Remescar Silicone Scar Stick

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That pesky scar from the last time you burned your hand with your curling iron? It won’t be there for much longer — provided that you use the Remescar Silicone Scar Stick, that is.

This product was created to combine two different kinds of products: effective, yet expensive, scar-healing creams and silicone treatments, and low-cost, easy-to-apply scar treatments that offer few benefits.

The stick distributes a thin silicone film over scars, stimulating collagen production but also hydrating the skin in the short-term, while SPF 15 UVA and UVB protects the scarred skin from UV rays (a vital part of scar-healing). It also contains PVP (polyvinyl pyrrolidone ) and PVA (beta glucan), two proven skin tissue-healers.

Let me get this straight: my skin is very prone to scarring. People are always looking at one of the many scars on my arms and hands and asking me, ‘how’d you get that one?’ or ‘what happened there?’ Every single time I look down, not even sure which one they’re referring to, shrug and say ‘I don’t know.’ Because one could make itself known just from bumping the edge of a doorway in my rush to work.

They’re all over the place. I’ve never really minded them being there, but I was excited to see there was a product that might actually make them fade — a feat I’ve never managed successfully. I used the Scar Stick on a new scar on my hand left from a curling iron burn (I’m a very naturally clumsy person, okay?) and after about a week I started seeing results. While the scar hasn’t completely disappeared (the product is supposed to have two months to do its magic) it’s far smoother and less red than it was before I started using Remescar.

Most importantly, it’s so easy to use. Creams and serums are a hassle, especially if you’ve got a lot of little scars you’d like to cover like I do. This stick cuts application time to mere seconds, and there’s no waiting for it to dry or settle into you skin — you just apply a couple times a day and go.

Remescar Silicone Scar Stick — £19.99 from Boots


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