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WE LOVE: Nairn’s Low-sugar Oat Biscuits

Nairn’s has launched new biscuits with less sugar, yet still full of flavour— and we can’t stop snacking on them

For biscuit lovers, 2015 is off to a tasty and healthy start thanks to new, low-sugar Nairn’s Oat Biscuits. Everyone at Healthista Towers can’t get enough of the thin biscuits packed with wholegrain oats in delicious flavours like fruit and spice, stem ginger, dark chocolate chip, and mixed berries.

Each box contains 20 biscuits, conveniently packaged in four sets of five for easy snacking or pairing with tea. According to a recent study by Patrick Holford, when compared to other leading biscuit brands, Nairn’s Oat Biscuits contain 40 percent less sugar.

Nairn’s low-sugar Oat Biscuits average 45 calories per biscuit and can be purchased at Waitrose, Ocado and independent health food stores for only £1.35.

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