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The top 10 sex fetishes in Britain – no, feet is not number one

Healthsita lists the top ten fetishes among Brits on International Fetish Day, and despite feet and role-play springing to mind, they are far from the top, according to research…

There is an international day to celebrate fetishism, because it’s more common than you probably realise. It is mainly supported by the BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission) community, falling on the third Friday in January.  But research has shown that almost half of us express interest in at least one fantasy that is typically considered kinky. Anywhere between five to 50 per cent of men, and three and 21 per cent of women reported engaging in ‘paraphiliac’ behaviour at least once in their life, in a survey done on 1,000 Quebecios. Paraphiliac beheviour includes voyeurism, exhibitionism, fetishism, masochism, sadism, and many more.

Some people can trace their attraction back to early childhood

Although such behaviours and kinky desires are not seen as the norm, they are far from uncommon. WebMD says sexual behavior experts don’t agree on the causes, but some people can trace their attraction back to early childhood, before they were even aware of their sexuality.

When ‘fetish’ is brought up, feet, BDSM, and whips and chains come to mind. But do a little more research and you will find people fetishize over almost anything. WebMD lists body parts, such as feet, body features, such as obesity, piercings, or tattoos as the most common fetishes, with body fluid, body size, and hair fetishes not far behind.

The top 10 fetishes in Britain- and no, feet is not number one, by healthista (3)


But one of the largest studies, which surveyed 2073 British people, reveals a little more surprising array. The Great British Sex Survey was funded by YouGov and conducted by Channel 4, who later broadcast the results as a TV show. Interspersed in the show were stories of less common bedroom kinks, such as those who are into balloons (looners), those who prefer popping their peens into pots of worms/ spiders/earwigs/centipedes/millipedes (formicophiliacs), those who find contentment in bespoke latex suits that make them look like Michelin men, and those who live with and love their sex dolls.

However, the UK’s ten favourite fetishes are:

  1. Sex toys
  2. BDSM
  3. Sexy selfies
  4. Threesomes
  5. Material fetishism (latex/rubber)
  6. Uniforms
  7. Humiliation
  8. Body part fetishes
  9. Watersports
  10. Cross-dressing

The programme also threw up some interesting stats about which parts of the UK are into what. In the North East, for example, it seems leather is especially popular, and Wales has the largest percentage of people who have taken part in a threesome. 19 per cent of adults have sent a sexy selfie, and kitchen utensils was even identified as a fetish.

Whatever floats your boat guys!

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