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WHO’S GOT INK? 6 celebrity tattoo fans PLUS tips for getting one

Last week the twittersphere went insane when BBC Question Time presenter and all-round national treasure David Dimbleby was pictured getting his first tattoo – a scorpion on his right shoulder – at 75.

Dimbleby’s move has either sounded the death knell for the coolness of tattoos or made it fine for anyone, regardless of age or social standing to get inked.

Dimbleby-Tattoo_2730843bWhen it comes to more predictably inked stars  from Jennifer Aniston to Lady Gaga, it’s safe to say that celebs do indeed have something in common, their love for tats.

Kat Von D, star of LA Ink got famous only because of how many tattoos she has (and her supernatural talent for creating them). She started as an average artist in a shop that just so happened to explode through reality television. Fast forward to the now glamorous lifestyle she lives when doing what she loves by day (tattooing) and walking the red carpet by night. Here she is with rocker Lemmy Kilmister.

The Art of Elysium 5th Annual "Heaven" Gala Black Tie Charity Gala - Arrivals

Now, if you’re not opting to cover your whole skin organ with ink maybe you’ll enjoy something a little more subtle? Go halves like Lady Gaga did. She has tons of tattoos, but  only on half her body because of her father’s wishes? She told Google staffers during a web chat Q&A, ‘My father asked that I remain on one side slightly normal.’

Lady Gaga Celebrates H&M's Times Square Grand Opening in New York City on November 14, 2013

Still too much? Why not hide your child’s first initial behind your ear like Adele did? “A” for her baby boy Angelo.

55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Okay, so you don’t have a kid? No problem. Do you have an animal that has passed on from this world and has moved to the next life over, possibly dog heaven? Jennifer Aniston has marked her late dog’s name on her foot. Norman’s name is forever presented alongside her Christian Louboutins.

NORMANthefinal 2

Don’t have a dog either? I’m sure you’ve received a rose at some point am I right? Whether it be from a lover or a friend, it does mean a lot. It meant a little too much to Cheryl Cole when she got her lower backside tatted. We mean, her WHOLE lower backside. We can call her Rosie cheeks now, how exciting.



INSPIRED TO GET A TATTOO? Healthista spoke to Blue, manager at Into-You Tattoo and she had some great tips and facts you should keep deep in your minds folds before actually getting one. We don’t want you shelling out £££ to get it removed now do we?

1. BE READY FOR THE PAIN No matter the area. ‘Women typically can handle a bit more pain then men. With having babies and all. But it will hurt no matter the placement. The ribs are more sensitive and your arms are a bit easier.’

2. DON’T GET INKED ON YOUR PERIOD Do NOT get a tattoo when Mother Nature has knocked on your door for the month. ‘As a woman, when you’re on your period, naturally you are more prone to pain. Your body is much more sensitive and it’s much more painful.’ Sounds about right, you can wait until after ladies.

3. PICK WHATEVER COLOURS YOU WANT There are no specific colors that last longer. ‘These days the ink does stay on your skin, no matter the colour.’ So pick whatever color or colors you want and don’t worry on which will fade first because they won’t. (Unless you’re sunbathing in your sleep… sun does damage the tattoo after time).

4. BE PREPARED FOR THE TIME FACTOR It depends on the sizing. ‘If it’s a small star or heart it should only take about 5 minutes. However if it’s a sleeve or a back piece it can stretch from 3-4 hours.’

5. …AND THE MONEY Most tattoo studios have a minimum charge no matter how small. Into-You has a minimum of £80. ‘With a larger piece, it depends on who’s doing it or what the style is, it can be anywhere from £300-400.’

6. DO YOUR RESEARCH ‘Search on the web. Look at different studios and look at artist’s portfolios, if you find one you like, go into the studio and meet the person. And speak to friends whose tattoos you like.’

Here are a couple of top tattoo studios to get you started:

Into-You has had clients like Lucky Diamond Rich (world’s most tattooed man), Alexander McQueen and Britney Spears.

New Wave Tattoo whose clients include the Osbornes, Patsy Kensit and Dermot O’Leary.

We want to know what kind of tattoos you have or will have. Tweet us @HealthistaTV.

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