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The vegan chocolate we’re in love with at the moment

There is a new vegan chocolate on the market that is made from 100 per cent natural ingredients, is non-dairy and will make you believe you are eating regular milk chocolate

The new Coco ‘Mylk’ Buttons by Ombar, look like bog-standard chocolate buttons but their appearance is deceiving. They are completely dairy-free and 100 per cent natural even though they taste remarkably like milk chocolate. Vegans will love these – the days of being vegan and living a chocolate-free life are over. Ombar is made from raw cocoa powder which gives it a smooth texture. Now, you might still be sceptical about how this vegan chocolate achieves its sweetness factor. Using organic coconut palm sugar is what makes these little brown buttons sweet-craving assassins.

If you find that dark chocolate is a bit too bitter for you and you miss the creaminess of milk chocolate you will love Ombar. It is the creamiest vegan no-milk milky-tasting chocolate we’ve ever tasted.

Available to purchase from Planet Organic, Wholefoods and independent health food stores. You can also buy them online.

Price: £1.49

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