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The new healthy, vegan and alcohol-free restaurant and bar – taking London by storm (clue: food is AMAZING)

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Redemption, a deliciously healthy, vegan and alcohol free bar in London’s, Notting Hill invited Healthista’s Vicky Hadley to review…

I have been dying to get down to Redemption since it first opened in August 2015, so when my also vegan friend, Deni and I were invited to try out their menu we couldn’t quite contain our excitement. Upon entering the venue we were seated at a bar by the window to wait for our seats. Not only was the venue bursting with people but bowls and plates of colourful, beautiful dishes were floating around on waiters’ arms being delivered to each table. Being a typical Healthista, the idea of drinking a kale smoothie or packing away a bowl of fermented sauerkraut is definitely on my radar, but I was sure I wouldn’t be able to find this anywhere except from my favourite healthy haunt Wholefoods.

The menu is completely refined sugar, wheat, dairy and meat-free, yet you would not guess

Taking our detox teas, a sweet blend of nettles, cleavers and marigold over to our table, we were introduced to Andrea Water the executive chef for Redemption and asked for her recommendations. The menu is all sugar, wheat, dairy and meat-free, yet you would not guess it. From cheesecakes to chocolate bliss balls and buckwheat pancakes to brown rice spaghetti there is no need to worry about going hungry. Andrea recommended we try the trinity platter, the sweetcorn and red pepper fritters and an added bowl of sauerkraut.

sweetcorn pancakes we love redemption bar healthy, vegan food by Healthista
Sweetcorn and red pepper pancakes

I opted for the sweetcorn and red pepper fritters (£8.95) with avocado, coriander, chilli and lime guacomole, tomatoes and rocket. The pancakes were cooked in coconut oil and had a perfectly blended taste of sweet and savoury. The sweetcorn and sweet red pepper fritter crumbled in your mouth whilst the bitter rocket and zesty lime avocado helped the fritter melt.

probiotic cauliflower kimchee we love redemption healthy, vegan bar by Healthista
The cauliflower kimchee

To accompany my fritter, (I couldn’t choose between the two) I had a side dish of cauliflower kimchee (£6.50), chilli and pomegranate. This may look like a bowl of floating cauliflower in water but it’s much more. ‘The kimchee is rich in probiotics and fermented for a minimum of three weeks’, explains Andrea Water. Fermented foods are great for healing the gut and probiotics add good bacteria back into your body. The cauliflower kimchee tasted very sour and bitter but was contrasted by the sweet pear and pomegranate that had been added for taste.

Deni opted for the trinity platter, a platter that serves canapes of each main dish, as well as the dishes I had she was given roasted gomasio and cashew crusted pumpkin coated in horseradish, avocado and lemon dressing. After trialing bites of each others mains we decided the sweetcorn and red pepper fritters definitely came out on top.

sample dish menu from redemption first healthy, vegan and non alcoholic bar in london by healthista
All of the choices from Redemption Bar
berry mousse redemption bar healthy, vegan and alcohol free by healthista
Cranberry, orange and ginger fool

We had a side dish of red sauerkraut to add to our fermented cauliflower kimchee. Sauerkraut is very beneficial in healing the gut; it has a very sour flavour that resembles vinegar and other salty pickled dishes. Sauerkraut is the result of lactic acid which forms over the cabbage and ferments it in good bacteria.

To finish our delicious meals, despite being very satisfied and not the least bit still hungry, we glanced at the desserts menu. We were definitely not missing the opportunity to trial one of their delicious sweet treats.

I opted for the cranberry, orange and ginger fool (£5.50). The dessert was served in a tall glass bowl which was beautifully decorated with a yellow flower on top. It tasted like a rich berry parfait mixed with a thick and creamy mousse, that was hard to believe it was dairy free. After scraping the last of the mousse out of the glass, I felt very full and satisfied but not at all bloated or uncomfortable.

The menu is completely clean, nutritious and beautifully designed yet tastes like it should be filled with sugar. If you fancy a healthy breakfast lunch or dinner, Redemption is a must go.

All dishes are between £4.50- £14.50 and are vegan, wheat-free and low in natural sugars you can find the full menu on their website.

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