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The organic juice detox that gets delivered to your door

Founded by former model Natasha Davy, Raw to Door offer juice cleanses and delicious raw foods delivered straight to your door. Healthista caught up with them to find out more.

Started in 2011, the aim behind the company is to offer a service which provides delicious juice cleanses as well as juice plans and combined juice and food programmes for a convenient, tasty and body-loving cleanse.

Raw to Door’s founder, the gorgeous Natasha Davy, believes that cleanse programmes are important in today’s toxic-filled environment to rid our bodies of the rubbish that builds up inside them, causing our metabolism to slow down and the ageing process to speed up.

While 21st Century living might not be great for our health, Raw to Door say it isn’t all bad news. By following a detox or juice cleanse, you can quickly, safely and effectively detoxify the body, unleashing your own natural healing power while at the same time nourishing your system with all the vital nutrients and antioxidants it needs.


The company offer all-juice boxes, as well as combination boxes containing juice and food such as soups, as they believe it is possible to detox without cutting out the food altogether if the all-juice way isn’t for you. All of their cleanse programmes have been approved by in-house nutritionist Josie Beevers, and most of the juice and food they offer is organic.

If Raw to Door's cold pressed juice can make us look anything like the lovely Natasha, we'll take a gallon.
If Raw to Door’s cold pressed juice can make us look anything like the lovely Natasha, we’ll take a gallon please.

They cold-press their juice for a longer shelf life of about three days, and always make sure it is not pasteurised (a heating treatment which can destroy vitamins and minerals) and is without preservatives.

Raw to Door offer a range of plans, including a variety of juice cleanses for different levels of prior detox experience, combination plans like Raw Til 4 which offers a daily juice diet along with a delicious, nutrient-packed evening meal, slim-down programmes like the Hollywood, and a custom made juice box which lets you pick and mix your own.

Single juices and smoothies are priced at £11.50, and whole plans start from about £60 a day including delivery and are available for between three to nine days at a time.

You can find out more about Raw to Door by visiting their website, or follow them on Twitter @rawtodoor


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