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Primrose’s Kitchen Mueslis

Carrot & Cinnamon and Ginger & Beetroot muesli, Primrose's Kitchen Mueslis, by

If you’re ever stuck on what to eat as a healthy and sustainable breakfast, Primrose’s Kitchen mueslis may be your answer. They have rustled up two original muesli combinations that are sure to delight any health-conscious foodie. 

Primrose’s motto is ‘Be Natural, Eat Natural, Live Natural’ so rest assured these products are one hundred per cent chemical free. The two intriguing blends of raw muesli: Carrot & Cinnamon and Beetroot & Ginger have both been honoured with stars from Gold Tasting Awards. They may be considered breakfast foods but we’ve been eating them throughout the day – with yogurt, with milk and sometimes straight from the pack – they are that delicious. The sweet craving at 3pm? Forget tea filled with sugar – a handful of the carrot and cinnamon is sweet wholesome goodness and will keep any lurking hunger pangs away.

Beetroot may seem a bit odd to have in muesli but it’s surprising at how well it compliments ginger. This combo is not as sweet as the carrot and cinnamon but has a bit of a kick to it. Bursting with flavour, these oats are wheat and gluten free and contain notable super seeds chia and milk thistle to nourish the body. They’re high in fibre, sweetened with agave nectar and provide a source of potassium so you can be sure this is a healthy breakfast, snack or dessert alternative.

Primrose's kitchen mueslis together, Primrose's Kitchen Mueslis, by

Find Primrose’s Kitchen mueslis for £5.95 each. For more information on Primrose Kitchen, please visit their site


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