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It’s A&E for your roots – the little powder compact that fixes regrowth instantly

Anna Magee tried a new temporary fix for the hairy issue of root re-growth

Roots. Round about this time they’re the bane of my life. Actually scratch that. They’re a source of angst for me all year long.

My hair is naturally black but ever since I got well passed the wrong side of 35, the odd grey hair has turned into a plethora of silvery streaks that make themselves known some three weeks after I have been to the hairdresser’s.

Trouble is, each time I get my hair done seems to require more intricately mixed solutions and strange configurations of foil and plastic – all to basically get my hair looking the same as it always does. Well, that’s as it does minus the panel of increasingly grey streaky fuzz along the parting. I have that now. There are parties everywhere. I am too busy feeding this beast (i.e. to get to the hairdresser. This is a crisis.

Enter Color Wow, a line of products specifically for colour-treated hair from Gail Frederici and John Frieda, the team behind the phenomenal success of Frizz Ease and Sheer Blonde.


Using the expertise  of cosmetic chemist Dr Joe Cincotta the scientist responsible for the products launched by Frieda, they have launched a range of specific problem-solving products for anyone who has coloured hair with ‘issues’ like mine. There’s Speed Dry, a blow dry spray that reduces heat styling time and Pop & Lock, a crystallite shellac, which has a fancy name but in effect is a serum you apply to wet hair.

CW RCU group open medres
Colour Wow Root Cover-Up

I tried the Root Cover Up. In a compact the size of an iPhone, it’s a dry powder that comes with a double ended brush that you use to apply it dry to your grey roots. It comes in blonde, brown and darkest brown / black, I used the latter on dry hair.

CW bigcompactopenflatDB
Color Wow Darkest Brown / Black that Anna used

You apply it much like an eyeshadow and build it up to cover up re-growth.

CW Root Cover Up application brunette

It didn’t dull my hair and gently covered up my grey without looking fake. I’m a hair fiddler though and I had to be careful because a little came off on my finger tips during dinner that night when I was stroking my head (don’t ask).

In need of root A&E, left and after Colour Wow Root Cover Up, right
In need of root A&E, left and after Color Wow Root Cover Up, right

It looked incredibly natural (to the point where a bit of the grey still showed) and one of my girlfriends made me get it out and show it to her at dinner she was so impressed with my root magic.

The press release says it’s water resistant so it indeed lasted through my workout and didn’t run with sweat (eek, imagine!?) and apparently it’s fine through light rain but when I washed my hair this morning, it was pretty much back to my witchy grey roots.  Exhibit A.

Oh colourist, where art thou?
Oh colourist, where art thou? Anna, after shampooing the Colour Wow out

Still, for root A&E, this is the biz.

Colour Wow Root Cover Up is £30.50 on Amazon

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