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Fabulous Lamb – [welsh accent] fresh from the valleys [/welsh accent]

Love a bit of lamb? – we’ve got ours, here is how to get yours

Here at Healthista Towers we are partial to the odd bit of lamb.

It is Paleo, it is Welsh, it is Lamb – isn’t that enough?

Well, one of our friends has a  small farm in the Welsh valleys, and they deliver lamb from their farm fresh, in vacuum packed portions, to your office in temperature controlled packaging. You can get a quarter lamb, half lamb or a whole lamb, any amount of lamb you desire, in multiples of quarter, half or whole in fact.

To say this lamb is delicious is the understatement of the year – it is mouthwateringly fantabulous. The lambs have a life of happy gambolling abut the farm – I have seen it with my own eyes – and are grass fed, well they eat the grass that they run about on, and GM free feed fed.

Anyway the thing is the lovely Rachel Pillar has just let me know that they are about to do another run of  lamb. You can order from their website .


Quarter lamb £ 45 plus delivery

Half lamb £ 70 plus delivery

Full lamb £ 120 plus delivery

This has the ‘We Love It’  Healthista seal of approval


Inside the box - recipes and mint.
Inside the box – recipes and mint.


Certified Lamb
All the labels
Half a Lamb
Half a Lamb
Temprature controlled packaging
Temprature controlled packaging
A whole lamb in one half of my freezer.
A whole lamb in one half of my freezer.





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