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Ohso Probiotic Chocolate

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Ohso chocolate have created a new range containing good probiotic bacteria that tastes divine.

Priobiotics are all the rage at the moment and now, award-winning chocolate brand Ohso have created  probiotic chocolate they claim is clinically proven better at delivering good bacteria than other probiotic products – we’re not sure we believe them but it does taste amazing.

Seven mini bars are within each packet as this is chocolate meant for everyday consumption. Yep, you read that right, a chocolate bar everyday, which is great for the whole will power thing.

Ohso won a Great Taste 2014 gold star for their raspberry chocolate concoction, and our stomachs are happy to confirm it’s delicious and also our favourite. Plus, there’s no added sugar as it’s sweetened with maltitol with only 63 calories per bar.

Each Ohso probiotic chocolate bar has one billion Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium probiotic bacteria, with either 53 per cent or 70 per cent cocoa content which Ohso claims to provide the optimum daily amount of good bacteria to support digestive health.

With no added dairy, and being gluten, nut and cholesterol free, these five variations – classic Belgian, plain, orange, lemon and of course our favourite, raspberry, are a great healthy alternative to your everyday milk chocolate.

Ohso is sold in packs of seven daily bars for only £3.99. You can buy Ohso Dark Probiotic Belgian Chocolate from Amazon. Log onto Ohso’s site for more details.

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