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Tips from the top: The Nutritionist

This week on tips from the top, we steal some expert advice from top nutritionist Jenna Zoe. 

Jenna Zoe, author of Super Healthy Snacks and Treats and resident nutritionist over at foodstolove is the epitome of health – all glowing skin, gorgeous hair and a killer watt smile that screams good nutrition. She puts her success down to over-coming health issues of her own and finding her path back to health through solid clean eating. ‘The road to getting better was a tough 6 years’, she says. ‘But I realise now that it was a huge gift in disguise as it gave me the experience of what it feels like to feel tired, uninspired and less-than-your-best. It was sorting myself out through proper nutrition that made me realise I wanted to help others do the same.’

Jenna wants to help others overcome their issues and regain their health through good nutrition.
Jenna wants to help others overcome their issues and regain their health through good nutrition.

A vegan for five years, Jenna is passionate about whole, unprocessed foods with kale, sweet potatoes, avocado, hemp seeds, artichokes and quinoa up there as some of her favourite body-boosting foods. ‘These kinds of foods can make you look and feel amazing’, she says. ‘I always say it’s not you are what you eat but you are what you absorb. Increasing your nutrient intake isn’t about eating MORE of the good stuff, but digesting it well and combining your food properly.

So should we be busy in the kitchen blending our fruit n veg then? ‘Smoothies and juices are a great way to get nutrients into the body’, says Jenna, ‘but if you’re not into them, don’t force yourself to drink them. Eating your foods whole and un-processed is always the most important thing.’


Jenna’s tips for Healthistas:

1. Pick three small, doable goals to start with, and build on your progress by adding three more tweaks when you feel ready. My nutrition clients experience more success by breaking down their goals into small steps rather than making drastic changes, which tend to be more unspecific by nature.

2. Take time to relax! I get into bed and put on my iPod, and just let my brain wander – it’s much needed down time.

3. Eat your most dense meal in the evening so that digestion runs more smoothly throughout the day.


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Super Healthy Snacks and Treats (£10.34) is available to buy on Amazon.

Find out more at foodstolove

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