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We Love: Nivea In-Shower Firming Moisturiser

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We’re loving the tingling, moisturising effects of a new in shower moisturiser from Nivea – at under a fiver it ticks our boxes

The researchers at Nivea combined Coenzyme Q10 (a substance found in all our cells) with menthol to create a firming moisturiser that penetrates skin deeply and quickly; it’s specially made for people who don’t have time to wait for their lotion to settle before getting dressed and running out the door. It also has tiny Q10 massaging beads in it which melt when applied under hot water, which means yes — you put this stuff on in the shower. The menthol in it causes this lotion to settle into your skin just after you’ve applied it (and also gives you a nice tingle, perfect for early morning showers).

You use it just as you’d use conditioner in your hair. After you’re done with your soap or shower gel, just apply it all over, let it sit for a minute, enjoy the tingle, then rinse it off. The benefit of using this lotion is that skin really does absorb it quickly. After applying lotion, you can feel a little wet or sticky for a while, and getting dressed before it settles can be a nightmare. Once you rinse off the Nivea lotion and dry off, your skin feels soft and hydrated, but most importantly it’s dry — you can get right on with your day and forget about having to moisturize later. It’s a busy woman’s friend.

Nivea In-Shower Firming Moisturiser £3.75

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