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Need a healthy sweetener? Get ready for dried berry powders, new, TOTALLY natural and great for baking too

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New Arctic Power Berries are dried berry powders that you can use as a natural sweetener in porridge, for baking and puddings – we sense a new Instagram trend coming on!

New Arctic Power Berry powders, are made from nothing but real berries. They’re handpicked in Finland, always in unpolluted nature and growing wild – so that should answer the ‘are they organic?’ question. But how do they go from fresh berries to powder form? The berries are dried carefully with the temperature never exceeding 40 degrees. This means none of the nutrients get lost and eating the dried berry powder is just as healthy as eating fresh berries. There are many powders on the market that have chemicals added to them, it’s rare to see a product which is 100 per cent natural. There are three flavours available each made from different berries.

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The blueberry powder is made from wild arctic blueberries which are a great source of antioxidants. Blueberries also aid brain health and prevent memory loss.

The cranberry powder will help aid inflammation and strengthen your immune system.

The third powder is sea buckthorn, a berry that contains over 190 nutrients including a tonne of vitamin C.

This is when you might ask yourself, ‘but what do I use them for?’. The best way to use these dried berries is to sprinkle them on top of smoothies, porridge, yoghurt or cereal. But you could also use them as a natural sweetener for baking. We think this is one of the things 2015 has seen so far and a definite must try for berry lovers.

Available at Arctic Power Berries.

Price: £7.50 per bag

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