Make your own rules diet

January is the month of new diets and there is one diet book which we at Healthista love – Make your own rules diet by yoga guru Tara Stiles.

Tara Stiles, founder of Strala Yoga is known for making yoga accessible to everyone with her videos on Youtube. In her book she explains how yoga, meditation and listening to her body helped her to live a much healthier life. In it she advocates people should stop following diets based on someone else’s rules and start trusting their own feelings. You might ask, but what can I eat on this diet? Tara does’t say pizza is on the ‘avoid list’ and kale on the ‘eat as much as you like list’. She simply argues that if you start listening to your body you will start eating healthier because it feels better.  The idea being that once you get how well you function and feel daily when you;re eating healthily you won’t want to indulge in so-called treats because they might make you feel ‘up’ for a few minutes and then bring you later crashing headlong into a sugar/salt/fat downer. Stiles also includes some recipes at the end that are cheap and easy to make. We like the idea of doing and eating what makes us truly feel good – it’s so simple and yet in practice, it’s powerful.

Check out Tara’s 10 minute energising routine here.

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