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Lucy Watson’s new lipstick range, Basic Bitch gets the Healthista treatment (Clue: we LOVE it!)

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Lucy Watson’s new lipstick range Basic Bitch is cruelty-free and amazing. Vanessa Chalmers has a video review

She’s been off our screens for a while now, and almost completely off our radar, but now Made In Chelsea‘s queen of honesty Lucy Watson has launched her own cruelty free makeup line, Basic Bitch.

The creation of the cosmetics has been in the making for a year, in which time the PETA ambassador (and vegan)Lucy has expressed online her deep concerns for the animal testing makeup industry, as well as her own venture into a vegan lifestyle. Most recently, she has uploaded videos to her YouTube channel including ‘My vegan story’ and a range of makeup tutorials using only her favourite cruelty free makeup.

But the animal lover still wants to see complete eradication of animal testing in popular makeup brands. Watson told Healthista: ‘There’s been loads of cruelty-free brands coming into play in the past couple of years which is amazing. But they don’t compete with the higher end brands that are still testing. These brands are more well-known and people are more inclined to buy them because they are familiar, even though they are much more aware of what goes on behind the scenes.

‘I just wanted to bring something to the market that’s a high standard, fun, that people love, and don’t test on animals’.

I have found my every day, perfect lipstick.

Well we can confirm at Healthista that we absolutely LOVE these lipsticks. On a hunt for a perfect day-time shade in makeup stores, for some reason it always seems over complicated; the mattes are too drying, the red is too garish, the gloss is too sticky, or the frosted pink is too 90s. I was worried these lipsticks would be less of quality because they were made differently. But I was wrong, they are better than most top brands. Believe me, I have found my every day, perfect lipstick.

Left to right: Errday, Queen Bee, and Peach Perfect
Left to right: Errday, Queen Bee, and Peach Perfect

The lipsticks come in three shades: Errday is an everyday pinky-nude which miraculously suits all complexions. Queen Bee is a red with the perfect amount of pow- not too vibrant, but a beautiful shade of rose. Peach Perfect is Lucy’s own signature colour, because it really does suit her, and this is a lovely shade to bring out the glow in your skin, whether tanned in summer, or to brighten the eyes with a paler complexion.

What I loved about these lipsticks is the texture

What I loved about these lipsticks is the texture. When using a lipstick all day, particularly liquid or matte, the lips can become dry or the colour can look like its ‘peeling’ from the skin. This lipstick applies smoothly, and little preparation is needed for the lips; forget all that intricate shaping of the lips with a liner or applying highlight to the cupids bow- a slick of this lipstick gives the most gorgeous natural-beauty look, just like Lucy has graced us with for years on Made in Chelsea.

Lucy Watson

Known for being a little lippy on the TV series, her branding of Basic Bitch is nothing less than we would expect from the feisty brunette. In a sleek black packaging, the simplicity of the product is screaming Chelsea sophistication and sassyness.

the three lipsticks on sale now are PETA approved

Lucy has been involved with every stage of the brand’s development, and the three lipsticks on sale now are PETA approved. Earlier this year, she teamed up with the charity for the third time, modelling for their campaign to discourage the buying of feather bedding, in which she posed elegantly on a bed in lingerie.

Lucys most recent PETA campaign. Source: Instagram

With 1.3 million followers on her Instagram, and almost 9k on Twitter, Lucy has expressed her gratitude to be able to reach out to so many. She told Healthista: ‘I am lucky to have a good platform to help people, by doing videos and launches in the past. In an ideal world, there would be no animal testing, and now, there is a type of testing called in vitro testing, and its actually been proven to be more efficient.’

I don’t have a favourite, I love them all

Keen to encourage others to use animal-cruelty free makeup, Lucy has said she hopes to bring out a full range of cosmetics, with eye and skin makeup too. With a huge profile in the vegan community, she has also revealed the next product will be vegan. She said ‘I wasn’t vegan when I first created Basic Bitch. But since making the range we have realised vegan makeup is really hard to find and it’s something people really seek out’.

We look forward to the development of Basic Bitch if these lippies are anything to go by!

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