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WE LOVE: Kafoodle – the new food allergy app that tells restaurant-goers where to eat to avoid foods they’re they’re allergic to

A new food allergy app has been released to cater to food allergies. The easy-to-use app gives restaurant-goers of a list of menu items that are free of the things they are allergic to.  

Kim Antoniou was out to dinner with her husband at a Greek restaurant, when his sesame allergy sent him into an anaphylactic shock so severe that onlookers mistook it for a heart attack.

She told the Evening Standard that the allergic reaction occurred because ‘a waiter hadn’t checked with the kitchen and he said he had.’

After almost losing her husband, Kim launched Kafoodle Kitchen, a free app that tells restaurant patrons what ingredients are in the food and the allergens they contain.

According to the Kafoodle website, the app supplies live menu information straight from the kitchen to your phone.

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The app is simple to use. You click on what you’re allergic to, and then the app uses your location to give you nearby restaurants that are safe for you to eat at. It provides you with the restaurant’s food hygiene rating, as well as a list of allergen-free dishes suitable for you to eat.

‘We might even save a life,’ Kim said.


The Kafoodle app is available to download on iTunes

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