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We love: Bobble Sport

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Hydration is key, especially if you are physically active it is important to drink lots of water. The new bobble sport is a reusable bottle which filters the water as you drink. 

We all know that moment when we arrive at the gym and raise we’ve forgotten to buy a bottle of water. With the new bobble sport you will never have to buy a plastic bottle ever again. It makes filtration portable, which means you can have filtered water anywhere anytime. This is not only convenient but also benefits the environment, preventing plastic bottles from ending up in landfill. The new Bobble Sport has a few specific features which sets it apart from other models. It’s body can now fit bike cages and cup holders on athletic equipment and it has a moulded grip which makes it easier to hold, especially when your hands are sweaty. It comes in seven different colours and holds 650ml of water. We love it because it means we can finally stop buying water bottles for our workouts. It’s functional, cheap and benefits the environment.

Available: at them moment exclusively available from all Boomcycle gyms. Starting from March 2015 you can also buy it at Debenhams.

Price: £9.99

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