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International Women’s Day: We asked women how they define beautiful – the answers will move you

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In the run up to International Women’s Day on Sunday, we asked various women ‘How do you define beautiful?’  as part of our #womensvoices special

At Healthista, we view healthy as beautiful but wanted to see what women of different ages and sizes thought so we took the chance to ask the unsuspecting public at the BBC Good Food Eat Well Roadshow a series of questions, one being ‘How do you define beautiful?’

We’ve put together a montage of what we think were some of the most inspiring answers, including ‘I define beautiful as being with my friends,’ ‘honesty’, ‘true, natural and pure’ and possible the best answer – ‘me’.

I define beautiful as being with my friends

Tell us how you define beautiful in our comment box and you will be in the chance of winning a Healthista hamper full of our favourite things.

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