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The hot new diet with one rule: Eat to feel good

Whether it’s cutting carbs, adding fat or binging on protein, diets promise that following certain rules will lead to weight loss. But YouTube yogi Tara Stiles’ new book Make Your Own Rules Diet advocates one simple rule: do what feels good…Healthista TV caught up with her

tara_yogaTara Stiles, YouTube Yogi, has recently published her first book called Make Your Own Rules Diet, in which she explains how she became healthy by practising yoga and meditation and most importantly, by listening to her own body.

With a whopping 213,903 subscribers on YouTube, Stiles is the founder of Strala Yoga, a style of yoga which purely focuses on the health benefits of the practice and does not have any spiritual elements to it.

Tara’s honesty in the book is one of the reasons we love her. In it, she explains how she was sexually assaulted as a young woman and the trauma left her isolated and lost which affected her weight dramatically.

‘My actions began to destroy my body like a violent tornado’, Tara writes. She lost more and more weight and became so thin that one of her dance tutors (she was at dance school) told her she had to nourish her body otherwise it would fade away and ‘eat itself up’. She admits that it took her quite a few years before she managed to progress from eating pretzels and sweets to a truly healthy diet.

Taccos _Tara
Mexican Chilled Wrap from Make Your Own Rules

Tara’s diet principles encourage you to do whatever makes you feel good and start listening to your body. You make your own rules and if some of those rules don’t work anymore over time you should not be afraid to break them and make new ones. The question which you might ask at this point is, what can I eat and should I avoid? If you feel hyper for a moment and then cranky half an hour after a eating a bar of chocolate then that is your body telling you that you simply don’t feel great after eating chocolate. If you find you feel great after having a fresh juice or bowl of sustaining porridge, then that’s your body telling you it feels nourished and happy. Makes such sense.




Eat what makes you feel good

A big part of this way of living is being active. Tara argues that we are animals and animals move, so sitting down all day is not going to work. The book includes different yoga poses and instructions to help the readers use yoga as a way to benefit their health and wellbeing. Tara also emphasises the importance of meditation in order to battle stress, and getting in the kitchen and making your own food to help real nurture your body so it loves you back by sustaining you through the activities of daily life with energy and vitality.

The book includes recipes that are cost-effective and easy to make; it also takes you through step by step how to go about making your own rules, meditate and practice yoga. You will like Make Your Own Rules Diet if you are tired of following other people’s rules that don’t work for you and rather having a list of foods that you are not allowed to eat focus on what makes you feel healthy.


Tara Stiles book cover, by Healthista.comClick here to buy your copy of Make Your Own Rules Diet (£12.91) by Tara Stiles, founder of Strala Yoga. Published by Hay House.

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