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Sir David Attenborough is crowdfunding for the GORILLAS

BabyGorillaNo, this isn’t a news piece about the latest workout trends in the Ugandan rainforests, or what mascaras gorillas like to use. This isn’t actually fitness or health related at all, but this campaign was so important, we thought it needed to be brought to everyone’s attention.


National treasure Sir David Attenborough first talked about the plight of the mountain gorilla back in 1978, in his BBC series Life On Earth. Now, with only 880 remaining in the wild, he has launched a global crowd funding campaign with Deep Impact and Fauna & Flora International to help save this subspecies.

British Academy Television Awards 2009 - Arrivals

‘I urge you to join with me,’ said Attenborough, ‘in ensuring a positive future for the mountain gorilla, its habitat and all of us, near and far, that rely on both to be in good shape for out collective wellbeing’.

The campaign hopes to reduce poaching by 50 per cent and ensure that 780sqkm of gorilla habitat remains intact by 2016. With your help, by 2018 there will be 1001 mountain gorillas living in the wild.


The campaign has been going since 31st October and has already raised over £12K, but they are looking to reach £110,000 in the next 31 days, so need all the help they can get. If you donate now, you will also receive a perk for your contribution, like a Mountain gorilla image from renowned wildlife photographer Juan Pablo Moreiras (£10), a hand carved gorilla statuette (£99), or if you’re feeling incredibly charitable, a £12,000 donation would include a bespoke gorilla trekking trip to Uganda.

To make a donation, or learn more about the mountain gorillas, please visit their website.

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