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POSTCARD from a Healthista in LA

liz mccarthyThis month, Liz McCarthy, CEO of has a healthy dispatch from Los Angeles or SoCal (as the locals like to call it)

Part of my job involves making sure our website always has the latest beauty innovations from around the world. This month we’re out in LA and SoCal (Southern California) checking out the health and beauty scene. Here’s what’s hot.

Liz LA Pic 1


1. Raw Beauty

It is like landing in organic and natural beauty heaven here. We have had meetings with some truly inspirational new brands coming out of California. The big trend right now is for raw beauty – skincare using only the finest, purest and most potent raw and organic superfoods to really nourish the skin. Just fabulous, and we can’t wait to bring them over to the UK next year. Products will include new releases from our LA favorite Dahliana, Bee Yummy Skin Food and a few others that are top secret for now. Watch this space.


Liz LA Fitwall Pic

2. Fitness

5th Annual Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Governors Awards - ArrivalsFor the second part of our trip we’ve come down to the coast in La Jolla, often the place where new fitness trends break. Gone are the days of going to the same gym day in day out – here it’s all about variety. The locals buy a string of classes at 5 different boutique fitness studios and mix it up. Orange Theory one day (locals are going bonkers for this and I couldn’t walk the day after trying it), FitWall the next, then Bikram and Soul Cycle (fans include Jennifer Garner, Brook Shields and Katie Holmes). Speaking to SoulCycle’s Veronica she explains that it keeps the routine fresh and interesting and more fun.


3. Loving LuLu

Everyone in La Jolla, and every other person in LA, is top to toe LuLu Lemon, Nike shoes with neon laces, plus perhaps a ‘to and from’ hoodie branded with your studio of choice (personally I was a Beverley Hills Soul Cycle kind of girl). each class has a specific hoodie/top for that location. And if you wear it strangers who also go will literally come up to you in the street and ‘whoop’ or high five – not very London!

Liz LA Nektar Pic

4. Diet, what diet?

It’s not about being on a diet here, healthy eating is a way of life.  Green juice (like the Toxin Flush with parsley, spinach, apples, lemon and ginger) with an Acai Bowl from Neckter makes the perfect breakfast. With one of the endless supply of protein bars for lunch.

clif_barClif bars (£6 pack of six from amazon) are a personal favourite though Lara bars and Clif Kit’s organics bars are also popular. Then it’s out for dinner for grilled local fish and a choice of one of six different kale salads (there are also kale chips everywhere). All amazingly tasty, and I’m feeling leaner, brighter and clearer skinned within just a few days.


5. Positive Energy

Everyone is very positive here.  With my British reserve the first group class was a bit of a shock. The class bonded, encouraged and motivated each other, the hour flew past in a serious of ‘Whoops’ ‘Good Jobs’ and high fives.

Liz LA Pic 4

Loving LA LA Land; the lifestyle, the beauty, the fitness. It’s been inspiring for myself and my team, to not just bring back the hot new brands that represent leading SoCal beauty, but the whole way of life. Right I’m off to pop on my Lulu Lemon and grab my detox Green from Nekter – see you at FitWall California Gals.


Liz McCarthy is the CEO of A Beautiful World

A Beautiful World

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