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Healthy snacks alert! The new gluten, dairy, sugar and wheat free snacks we’re obsessing over at Healthista Towers

New snackistas Moral Fibre have created a range of raw sweet and savoury bite-size snacks that are not only super-healthy but also utterly, seriously, irrevocably delicious. We’re obsessed – can you tell?

All of the snack varieties in the new Moral Fibre Food range are high in fibre and gluten and diary free. They’re all conveniently packaged in little containers and aren’t messy meaning they’re perfect for taking to work for that 3pm boost or for a pre or post gym workout. They’re also brilliant for sharing although you’ll probably want to keep these to yourself.

They’re brilliant for sharing although you’ll probably want to keep these to yourself.

There are six sweet options to choose from – Figberry Balls, Raspberry Colossal Balls, Exotic Seedy Fruity Bites, Choco Banananut Bites, Banana Berry Bites and Banananut Bites. (Yes, there’s a lot of banana for the banana lovers out there). We’ve each got our own favourite in the office but the Raspberry Colossal Balls and Figberry Balls were gobbled up the fastest as they are so scrumptious. These are both soft and slightly chewy whereas the Choco Banananut Bites have a bit more of a crunch. Moral Fibre have seemed to have made the perfect combination that satisfies your sweet craving with a couple of bites yet doesn’t make you feel sick as there is no added sugar, just pure raw goodness.

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Jenny Moloney, the founder of Moral Fibre Food says: ‘Eating well doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself. The raw ingredients rely on their natural sugars and flavours which mean you can snack healthily and feel energised.’

Eating well doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself.

For the savoury lovers, the Chilli Crunch option is unbelievably tasty with the sesame seeds really coming through and is a clear winner at Healthista Towers. The Courgette Crunch comprises of 72 per cent courgette with a mix of cashews and linseeds giving a real earthly taste. With no grains, all the Moral Fibre snacks are also paleo-friendly – told you, we’re hooked.

They all come in packages of either 30grams or 70grams ranging from £1.75. To find out more and to purchase Moral Fibre products, visit their website.

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