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WIN! a Healthista Hamper worth over £350

Want to make Christmas extra special? Fill in our survey for a chance to win this incredible Healthista health and beauty hamper worth an amazing £350. It only takes five minutes! And why not spread the love and share with a friend – if they win they can share the goodies with you!

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    1. What is your age?

    2. Where do you live?

    3. Are you married?YesNo

    4. Do you have children?YesNo

    5. If yes, what are their ages?

    6. Are you happy with the size and shape of your body?YesNo

    7. What dress size are you?681012141618+

    8. What is your target dress size?681012141618+I have no target I'm happy with my size

    9. How much weight would you like to lose?5 pounds10 pounds15 pounds20 poundsOver 20 poundsI’m happy with my weight

    10. How many diets have you been on in your life?I have never been on a diet1-55-1010-2020-3030 or more

    11. How many diets did you try in 2016?I didn’t try any dietsI don’t like the word ‘diet’Between 1 and 3Between 3 and 55 or more

    12. How many times did you try to lose weight in 2016?1-1010-2020-3030 or more

    13. What is the main thing stopping you from sticking to a new weight loss diet?TirednessHungerBoredomFeeling deprivedDoesn’t fit with my lifeThe food is too complicatedAll of the above

    14. Do you hate the word diet?YesNo

    15. Do you prefer 'healthy eating'?YesNo

    16. If a diet could promise you one thing AS WELL AS weight loss that stayed off what would that be (please choose one)?More energyAnti-agingBetter moodHealthy skin

    17. What do you want most from a healthy eating plan, please prioritise with one being your most desired and six being your least

    More energy to do all the things I need to do without tiredness 123456
    Better mood so I feel happier throughout the day 123456
    Weight loss that stays off 123456
    Glowing skin that needs little make-up 123456
    Anti-aging of face and body 123456
    Disease prevention 123456

    18. Do you exercise regularly, that is three or more times a week?YesNo

    19. What kind of exercise do you do?RunningYogaBoxing and martial artsCycling or spinWalkingSwimmingCombination of the aboveOther (please specify below)

    20. What stops you exercising regularly?Not enough timeI’m too tiredI get boredCan’t afford a gym membershipI travel all the timeOther (please specify below)

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    • Entrants must be over 18
    • UK residents only
    • Entries close Friday 25th November 2017
    • Winner announced within 7 days
    • Prize dispatched within 30 days
    • Data collated used for PR purposes only
    • Entrants’ personal data will not be used or shared

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