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HUZZAH! New study finds moderate drinking can help you live longer

A new study has found that those who drink in moderation live longer than those who are tee-total. Let the party season commence!

The festive season is thoroughly underway, and as party invitations come flooding through the door, it can be a worrying time for people trying to keep one foot on the wagon… Well, we have good news. A recent study has suggested that those who drink alcohol live longer than those who are tee-total.

The study was led by Charles Holahan and published in the journal ‘Alcoholism : Clinincal and Experimental Research’. 1824 people were examined over 20 years, and during this time, 69 per cent of the non-drinking participants died, compared to 60 per cent of heavy drinkers and 41 per cent of people who drank regularly but in moderation.

This survey took into consideration former problem drinking status, existing health problems, key socidemographic and social-behavioural factors, age and gender, but still found ‘abstainers and heavy drinkers to have increased mortality risks of 51 per cent and 45 per cent respectively, compared to moderate drinkers’.

So, enjoy yourself this Christmas, and it could boost your life expectancy. Don’t use that as an excuse to get legless though – the key they tell us, is moderation.

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