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The handheld massager your muscles will love

HoMedics handheld massager, You and your muscles will love this handheld massager, by

When your muscles are achey or sore, whether it’s from working out too hard or having bad posture, the only thing you want is a massage. The handheld massager by HoMedics is small and effective and feels amazing

When it comes to healthy gadgets and tech, we love to know what’s out there and our requirements are: is it easy to handle, efficient and purposeful? You know when you’re feeling achy everywhere because you tried that new workout all your friends are raving on about and all you really want is a massage? How cool would it be if there was a piece of tech that you could use to massage yourself? The handheld massager from HoMedics does exactly that. It vibrates in two different speeds and relaxes tense muscles and comes with three different attachments, a roller that allows for kneading massage, a spot which is for target relief and and a wide attachment that helps to comfort large muscle areas. At the price of only £16.84 the HoMedics massager is a definite winner.  For an easy and cheap DIY massage tool that keeps on giving for under £20 (and considering that a decent massager will set you back about £45-60 an hour), it really is one of the best wellbeing buys we’ve seen. We. Love. This.

really is one of the best wellbeing buys we’ve seen.

Available on Amazon.

Price: £16.95

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